Diabesity Challenge Day #41 – Food Celebrations

thumb_600Yes folks, I did it again as it was yet another Sunday filled with eating out. We were on our baby sitting mission with Lilly in the afternoon and our son picked us lunch at New Seasons. A delicious roast beef sandwich on a huge freshly baked roll with a side of the richest been soup I ever ate. Then it was off to the hospital to see Josie one last time before she is scheduled to be released today on Father’s Day. How appropriate! We ended up eating a late night dinner out once again at a restaurant in Portland called “Claim Jumpers”. It was close to the hospital and convenient as the kids had to return back to the hospital for Josie’s feeding time. Anyway they had a wonderful Chicken Caesar Salad on the menu which of course I totally ignored. I ordered the Beef Ribs with a monster side of Sweet Potato’s and Roasted Vegetables. The ribs weren’t the problem other than I ate enough to feed a small army, it was the sweet potato which was drenched in butter that filled more than half my plate. The roasted vegetables were good but there was only about a table spoon of them on my plate. As we ate late I ended up falling to sleep with an overstuffed belly of food.

And as I was discussing eating more carbs in the morning yesterday after I work out I did just that with a bowl of oatmeal, a banana and a protein shake about an hour before lunch. I anticipating a day with both lunch and dinner with low carbs attached.

Sometimes I think it would be so much easier to live in an environment where only the healthiest of meals are provided. Free will can yield disaster without proper self discipline. This is exactly what I must get my head wrapped around. I must create that controlled environment within my own mind and create a rock solid daily menu of foods that I can eat at specific times of the day. This is so hard to do as life can become pretty complicated and stressful at times. It’s hard to keep your mind on the prize while the mind is reacting to different types of stimuli. Even food quantity becomes an issue during these times as the body seems to adjust to becoming so needy for comfort during times of stress. Ging3rbreadgirl defined these moments perfectly in her post “The Fuck-it Switch“. It is when your mind reacts to the environment you are currently in and you make very irrational decisions. Fuck It!

For me going out to a busy, noisy restaurant is stress. I enjoy my eating time in a quiet calm of my own home. For me eating food should be a healthy relationship between me and the foods I eat. I believe that throughout human history it was like this as we cherished our times at the dinner table. It was only during times of celebration that we sang, danced and ate the night away which were rare times indeed. Today it is just too easy to take part in an environment that has the same feel as a celebration.

Speaking of celebrations, today I will celebrate a day of rest as I anticipate a day filled with peace and calm this Father’s Day. I will spend time in nature as I tend to the gardens and try to take in a little much needed sunshine as it has been raining all week here.
Blood Sugar- 133, Body Weight- 185.0

About SimpleLivingOver50

At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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32 Responses to Diabesity Challenge Day #41 – Food Celebrations

  1. strwrzgeek says:

    I had a great start to my day yesterday with my protein shake and an apple for snack. Then came an emotional discussion with an ex and I was starving. Went to the store very hungry. Very bad choice!! I ended up getting Mac and cheese and hot dogs! An old comfort food that worked for a short time! So don’t beat yourself up too much this is a daily battle for all of us.

  2. kkeevins says:

    OMG, Bill — my mouth was watering, as I was reading your description of the foods you ate. Sometimes, living vicariously can be a good thing. Thank you — it was a great “rush.” I loved the “Fuck it” switch. I know it well, but thanks to your post, I’m going to disconnect it TODAY!”

    Wishing you well on this journey but, God you have a great way with words!!! πŸ˜‚ Humor is a gift and imperative while dealing w/diabetes. Good luck — keep the faith.

    –Kathy from:

  3. camcoogan says:

    It is so sad to live in a world where food is the entertainment on pretty much a daily basis. In the past, feasts were part of an occasional celebration but here we have them daily- and could have them three times a day with all-you-can-eat buffets.

    I feel your pain, though. I fell off the 2 year wagon not long ago and it has taken awhile to saddle up and move forward. I am not a diabetic (yet) but I struggle with keeping my fasting blood sugar low enough to stay healthy. It took the return of indigestion, knee and hip pain to once again say ‘no’ to wheat, grains and sugars.

    Happy Father’s Day!

  4. kkeevins says:

    Hi Bill:

    I need a Protein shake that I can deal with — the ones I’ve tried so far have made me gag (and I will spare you the details when I try to force them). I just can’t seem to get them down. I’m not sure if it’s the consistency or the taste. Yuck!

    Would you (or anyone reading this) have any “recipes?” I really need this and have not even come close so far. Thanks to all for any suggestions.

    –Kathy from:

    • Can’t help you. They all pretty much taste nasty. I remember when I would chug down 1/2 dozen raw eggs before a workout. Same feeling.

      • kkeevins says:

        Rats! I was hoping for something great. Anyone who can down a bunch of raw eggs can pretty much deal with anything. I’m not in your league, that’s for sure! Thanks, Bill

      • I’ve found quite a cool breakfast. Brownies (blend 3 cans black beans, 1 c cocoa, 1 c shredded coconut, 3 eggs, 3tsp baking powder, 1/2 cup butter or coconut oil, spices to taste, sweetened with poached apples or tinned peaches. Bake medium heat until dry). Then eat with defrosted raspberries, or cherries (black forest) with my own homemade creamy yoghurt. Fills me up all day!

  5. Any stress is a trigger for poor eating – at least it is for me. You fell asleep not only because of a full belly but because of a spike upward in your blood sugar. Not to worry. Happens to everyone. Not fussing. πŸ™‚

  6. Jenn Prime says:

    Give yourself a break, Pop Pop. What fun would life be if we didn’t break the rules once in a while…

  7. “Free will can yield disaster without proper self discipline.”
    So true, and applicable to every single facet of life. Thanks for the reminder. Happy Father’s Day!

  8. bvomblog says:

    Very much agree with the constant food stimuli. It’s overwhelming. Even the stores that don’t sell food will usually have soda and candy at the checkout.

    Happy Father’s Day and thanks for the great post πŸ™‚

  9. oldendaysk says:

    My hubby succumbs to the “fuck it” also! His last three months have been very strict. For Father’s day he dreamed of fried catfish and coleslaw. We fucked it together and I made it for him. As I write this his tummy is in pain. You are inspiring!

  10. suzewannabe says:

    Restaurants and get together can be hell food wise. I eat before I go so that I’m not snarfing the bread basket or mashy taters.

  11. That baked potato looks heavenly.. Your weight is down from the last time I was on wordpress, nice job.

  12. bf62183703 says:

    Simplifying life is difficult. I call it “de-lousing”. Thanks for reading my blog.

  13. bf62183703 says:

    Simplifying one’s life is a challenge. I call it “de-lousing” and have been trying to get rid of “stuff” for years already. Good show on your blood sugar numbers. Doing a big green leaf salad for supper helps me. Got to have a chicken breast on top.

  14. My strategy is to take my little plastic lunch box to dinners. I know that amount will fill me up. I leave myself that portion (maybe a bit bigger! Heck, go wild) I would pack the rest into my box and take it home. That way I don’t have to cook the next lunch or dinner, get to enjoy the nice restaurant-tasting meal a second time, don’t get that horrid stuffed “food hangover” feeling, don’t feel deprived, and feel quite proud of myself the next day. Hope that’s useful..

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