Diabesity War Day #6 – Continued Success

success1And yet I find myself once again looking at positive numbers this morning. I dropped a little more weight and my blood sugar is in a safe range. I will start putting together a little weekly re-cap every Saturday to review my overall progress. I want to start taking pictures each Saturday to act as a visual review of my progress.

I have an upcoming dilemma next week that I will reaching out for suggestions. Next Saturday I will be flying to Florida for a week and although I will be keeping up with trying to maintain a good diet and get plenty of walking time in I am not sure whether I should wait to continue with this plan as I have designed it. In other words if I am at Day #20 I think Day #21 should be the day after I return from this trip. It would make a lot of sense and take away the need to try to fit all of the time it takes to keep up with the plan while I will actually be trying to spend time with family and relax. What do you think?

Yesterday was a good day with both exercise and diet. I fasted until 12:00 noon which brought me to an 18 hour fast. Lunch was Roast Beef, a little potato, broccoli, a little rice with black beans. Dinner was simply a piece of fish and a salad.
Blood Sugar- 112, Body Weight- 185.0

Distance- 2.69 miles
Time- 40:00 minutes
Calories- 313.2

Bowflex- LEGS
Squats- 200- 20
Calf Raises- 200- 20
Leg Extensions- 200- 15

About SimpleLivingOver50

At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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11 Responses to Diabesity War Day #6 – Continued Success

  1. Jenn Prime says:

    You seem to be doing great on your current plan, but absolutely take the time off while you are away. Building a perfect you, particularly with the timeline of a year, is of no use to you if you can’t enjoy life along the way. Let go a little, enjoy, and come back.

  2. suzewannabe says:

    Wonderful! Keep up the great work!

  3. Jess says:

    Well, I hate to be the stickler here but I can’t help but be devil’s advocate.
    So the key parts of your Diabesity War is diet, intermittent fasting, walking, and strength training right? I think it would be prudent to have decided on what exactly you will stick to prior to leaving, otherwise in the enjoyment of the moment it’ll be much easier to go “Ah stuff it I’m on holidays!”.
    The trap isn’t just what you might be compromising during the holiday; it’s the flow on effects. I know when I don’t eat so well, it makes my appetite and cravings go haywire and it takes some time to get back into my usual eating pattern. I know if I give myself excuses to skip exercise, it’s much harder to get back into it at the same intensity as before. These things then also affect how I feel (more pain, making me less motivated) and how I sleep (worse sleep quality, making me unrefreshed and doing things more difficult).

    Do you think it’s possible to stick to the Diabesity War as much as possible even on your break, without affecting your enjoyment? And just adjust it prior to leaving what would be an acceptable “holiday” adjustment?
    Diet – eat as well as possible, but choose certain occasions where you’ll allow yourself to indulge, i.e. big breakfasts, or dessert
    Intermittent fasting – can you adjust the windows and still do this slightly without interfering food times with family?
    Walking – you already said you’ll get plenty of walking time, but can you still aim for a minimum walking time/distance and if you don’t meet it, ask your family to go with you for an evening stroll?
    Strength training – can you do any body weight exercises in place of your bowflex? Even if it’s just a few minutes of planking – that takes minimal amount of time but does good all over. Perhaps first thing in the morning so it doesn’t affect anyone’s plans for the day?

    I just know that as soon as I give myself reasons for excuses or “acceptable” breaks, it’s so much harder to get back to the plan. I know you must be similar because you said this:
    “One of the greatest reasons I have found for my failures is the simple fact that I give up too quickly when I have a plan in place. If I get a few days where I typically need a little rest I find other reasons not to resume what I have been doing all along. When this happens it becomes more and more difficult to come back to where I left off. For this reason I have decided to develop this plan of attack and stay with it faithfully for 1 whole year.”

    So just some food for thought πŸ™‚

    • Yes Jess, thanks for pointing this out. During my holiday I will be walking in the morning Florida sunshine for a minimum of 1 hour. With a swimming pool at the house we are renting I will be getting plenty of laps in during the day. I will continue doing sit-ups, pushups and pull-ups. My fasting schedule will continue as planned and I will continue to eat as healthy as possible. I don’t want to lose my motivation because of a holiday. What I want to do is spend less time tracking everything on the blog. Maybe you have a point though, maybe I can continue to tracking each day without other things besides the treadmill and bowflex. You have given me something to think about. πŸ™‚

      • Jess says:

        Sounds like you’ve got it sorted! Oh I see what you mean, about not spending time tracking it all on the blog… Perhaps just write the numbers down and blog it all in one go when you get back!

      • Yes, I actually keep a separate notebook where I track pretty much everything. I could do that. πŸ™‚

  4. New Journey says:

    My opinion is try to stick as close to your plan as possible…its your blood sugars that will pay for time off from what your trying to make a life commitment too…why not just indulge some, an extra glass of wine, special enree at a restaurant….I have been pounding in to my head, and a mantra over and over again…its not a diet, its a life change…..can’t say okay today I am not going to eat right, but I will go back to it tomorrow…your body will be the one to pay for this…its difficult, but a commitment is just that – a commitment…and then on the other end of the spectrum, and I am sure it is my rebel talking her…WTF its your life…do what you want, you only live once!!! hugs kat

    • It would be so much easier if other’s ate just as healthy. We will doing a lot of eating out and I always go crazy when I can’t find one single healthy item on the menu. Everything seems to be processed and filled with corn syrup no matter where you go.

      • New Journey says:

        This is true, I have a friend who orders everything without sauce, or it on the side not poured on top of her meal so she can control the amount she wants to eat…she says she knows she sounds like snob/picky eater but she doesn’t care…I agree with you…its hard…and who wants to order a plain ole salad when there are so many other yummy things they offer….in the end, have fun…that’s what life is all about…kat

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