Day #4 of the “Window Fast”, I am Losing Weight!

This mornings weigh in proved another pound and a half in reduced overall body weight. I am growing very excited about this new plan and to celebrate I hit the treadmill for 30 minutes. I try not to track my efforts other than the total time spent walking. As long as I am making my best effort I see no need to track such things as calories burned or miles walked. I try to concentrate on my breathing and the feelings I get throughout my body as I am walking. It is a usual occurrence to start sweating after about 10 minutes and then I know that I am entering fat burning mode and this is where I want to be for a maximum of another 30 minutes. I know that anything past that I risk the chances of my body pulling energy from my muscles that I have also expended great energy to build.

Now that my workout is complete I can bask in the thought that over the next 6 hours my body will continue to utilize body fat as energy without food. This happens naturally until I eat my next meal and my body knows to pull from those food sources and turn off fat burning mode. This is why it is so important to me that the food I will be taking in is chock full of the most nutritionally dense foods I can eat. A good salad with a blend of colorful vegetables, a source of protein like a healthy meat or beans and of course a healthy carbohydrate like a sweet potato.

Once I eat that first meal at lunchtime the food window opens for me for the next 6 hours. I have the choice to eat anything I want to eat. Depending on my workout in the morning my body will seek out different foods it needs. With a cardio type workout today I may desire more water filled foods like fruits and find myself drinking more water. Tomorrow morning I will be doing resistance exercises and my body may demand more protein dense foods like meats, nuts or beans.

On either day I may feel the need for more carbohydrates for energy during my 6 hour eating window. There are probably more available food sources out there to fill this void than you can shake a stick at, so I must be careful to choose carefully from natural sources.

At 6:00 PM I will eat my last meal of the day and for the next 18 hours my body will slowly progress back into fat burning mode. The one benefit of choosing the hours for this fast is that it blends into an 8 hour period of sleep leaving only another 8 hours to go without eating while being awake. Being that I have less of a desire to eat breakfast this works out pretty well for me.

Today is Day #4 of this thing I call the “Window Fast” and I have to say that I am extremely pleased with the way it is going so far. The one thing that is frustrating is that my morning blood sugar tests are higher than normal. This I believe is the result of the release of cortisol while being is fat burning mode. As this fast will only last a total of 30 days which I believe is a long enough period to allow my body to reset itself to where it learns that burning fat is not starvation. After 30 days I can resume eating a healthy breakfast as long as I see positive results. Also by that time I should have established a good routine of working out each morning and slowly progress to a comfortable zone.
Blood Sugar- 129, Weight- 190.6

Treadmill- 30 minutes

About SimpleLivingOver50

At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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8 Responses to Day #4 of the “Window Fast”, I am Losing Weight!

  1. streakofmyn says:

    Hello, you may choose to read this or just ignore it. But what you are doing here is a crash diet and it is really bad for our body. This may seem to be good at first because your main goal is to lower your body weight but i just want to let you know is that body weight is composed of many aspects and are as follows: fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass and body water percentage. If you’d want to lose weight i really do suggest you to take it the healthy way. It is good that you’re engaing yourself into exercise regularly but you should also feed yourself the right way. For type 2 DM, diet and exercise is the key. But I want to stress on proper diet. You are right when you stated in your article that your boood glucose is high due to hormones and it is normal. But you should not starve yourself until lunch time because you’re letting you body to starve particularly cellular starvation thus sending signals to your brain that you need to eat but you chose to neglect this signal forcing your body to use your stored energy which is your muscles and fats. Please do take note that before stored fats are used for energy, muscles are used first thus resulting to muscle wasting. Which is not really good. And i also want to share something about the body burning calories. Your body are not burning calories at the same rate. Calories are burnt due to the heat produced by the body. You’re burning more calories when your running because you’re producing more heat. Once you stop running, you won’t be burning as much calories as you were burning when you were running. You might question my credibility about me teaching such about dieting but i really do suggest that you consult your doctor about this for improper dieting imposes a big health risk:)

    • streakofmyn says:

      Sorry if i had some incorrect grammar for I was in a hurry when I was writing this up. Sorry… But I hope you got my point:) God bless

    • My calorie intake hasn’t changed. Only the times I choose to eat. A fast is not a diet but rather a short time reset that allow our bodies to do what humans have been doing for millions of years. It is actually very healthy to do in moderation.

      • streakofmyn says:

        Okay then, i do understand your point and that’s true that fasting has been done by a lot of people for a very very long time and reset your body metabolism rate. I hope you get to have you goals achieve and I’ll be following your posts for I myself was overweight before and I also worked myself to lower down my weight and it really makes me happy when I see other people working on their way to a healthier life. I hopenfornyou the best health possible:)

      • Your response was well articulated and as I natural foodie I understand. Thanks for following and I hope we can share idea’s. Billy

      • streakofmyn says:

        I really hope so Billy. I’m very well interested to foods too and as well as nutrition. Mark:)

      • I have been reading a great deal and practicing difference approaches to balance my blood sugar since I was diagnosed with T2D 6 years ago. My latest read is “The Obesity Code” by Dr. Jason Fung. I have found his insight to be tremendous when it comes to the human eating habits. Most of the same things in the book can also be found in his lectures on youtube which are free for the viewing.

      • streakofmyn says:

        I’ll find time to find this book. It seems to be a really good book and I’m really interested in nutrition.

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