The Closing of a Supermarket

haggen-grocery-storeIn less than 60 days our favorite Supermarket will be closing their doors for good. This store was one of the benefits of living where we live as it was just less than a half mile from us. For over 16 years Haggen’s had prided itself with stocking and selling local produce from many of the farms and ranches right here in our area.

Through corporate mismanagement they were forced to claim bankruptcy and sell four of their stores with one being ours. Many employee’s will be job searching soon if they haven’t already started. Safeway who is one of the big dogs out here purchased the Haggens stores the same as they did not so long ago with Albertsons. Both of these supermarkets are within driving range of us, but historically we have had problems with both. The other mega super store is Fred Meyer which does have slightly better quality food but is usually a nightmare to shop at.

Long gone are the days of the small town butcher, baker and produce stand as they have been replaced with the corporate super stores. For me convenience can never replace quality. Our hopes will be that we see something like a New Season’s, Trader Joes or even Whole foods taking over the old Haggens building. The problems is that each of these stores won’t even consider our area because it is not as highly populated as other area’s of City’s near us.

I know that New Season’s has teamed up with and Uber to make it easy to shop online and have your order delivered in less than two hours.

I know this all sounds pretty ridiculous but I have grown very fond of our local store and will miss them dearly. The employees not only worked there, but also shopped there. They were a part of our weekly routine of shopping for local and sustainable food sources.

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At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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21 Responses to The Closing of a Supermarket

  1. MrFireStation says:

    I worked in the grocery/food business for 24+ years and I would expect another store will move into the space. If Haggens could make a go of it for 16 years, that is strong reason for someone else to believe they can do well there. It is probably too much square footage for a Trader Joe’s – those tend to be small-footprint stores (unless they subdivide the space). Safeway could make sense in your part of the country.

  2. kkeevins says:

    I don’t think it’s ridiculous at all. I’m mourning the loss of Waldbaums. It was slightly higher priced than some others, but I really liked their products, and it was so close I could walk it, if I had too.

    BORDERS remains at the top of my list of store losses. Did you have that bookseller out there? I loved that store — great lighting, comfortable seating, a cafe, excellent customer service. It was just so good. But, alas, they’re gone. Barnes & Noble doesn’t cut it for me — too stuffy! I buy most of my books on Amazon now, and of course use my e-reader. But there are some days, I just need to fall asleep with the “real thing” falling out of my hands. Still mourning that one. Such a shame, and all in the name of PROGRESS??? I think not.

    Kathy from:

  3. That is a shame. I would be lost without my local Waitrose shop. If I had to shop in other stores I might be inclined to order on line to save the stress of going elsewhere….

  4. Sharron says:

    Albertsons left our community and Haggen took over, but lasted less than 6 months. Albertsons is now back. I’m not sure of the dynamics, but we will miss Haggen.

  5. James says:

    We do our major shopping at CostCo and WinCo with shopping occasionally at one of the two Fred Meyers nearby (my daughter works at one of them as the wine steward). My wife tries to buy most of our meat from local ranchers who have grass-fed beef available. We have a fridge/freezer inside, one out in the garage, and another freezer in the garage, all dedicated to different purposes.

    I live with a couple of foodies who work/worked in the business for years, so food can get kind of complicated. πŸ˜‰

  6. “Walmart killed the supermarket star”. We are left w/ mediocre big chain full of wifi, that I can’t even go in unless I want health complications. I had one very nice non-chain grocer in my last town and had most done there. I mostly mail order, as the produce is fresher and lasts longer, but I have yet to not have a mess w/ the eggs and the milk costs double to ship, as it requires a second box and is heavy. They never pack the bananas right either. Outside of those things the other produce and food is best ordered from this online company. That leaves the issue of shipping: it’s much cheaper to ship to S. CA, AZ, NM and S. Utah and outside of those areas the price goes up. If that were not the case I would go live in the south somewhere. It’s hard these days finding trustworthy organic food and I find the stores are not carrying more of it, but less, as people do not want to pay for edible food and vote with their $$ for garbage.

  7. geekkat says:

    No I know all too well what you mean. Around here it was Food Lion and Foodland but you don’t see them around too much anymore. Walmart in our area was ok for awhile but then it went down hill. We have a relatively nee store to our area and people are flocking to it…Aldi. They have amazingly fresh produce at great prices. To be honest, 95 percent of my groceries now come from there. I can get so much more for my buck πŸ™‚

  8. Kim Smyth says:

    That is sad that the small companies are all being run out of town by the big chains. Maybe you should consider an online market like Thrive, there’s a membership cost but it may be worth it to you to be able to pick and choose what you order each month. I’m considering it myself.

  9. Totally get what you’re saying – especially when the location is convenient and you get used to the store. We had a Vons (Safeway but we call it Vons here), that turned into a Haggen (which we thought was fine), but then sat empty for a while and will soon become a Sprouts (which we haven’t tried but will give it a shot). The whole supermarket shuffle has been quite crazy, that’s for sure!

  10. camcoogan says:

    It is always sad to see a business fold, especially a small locally owned business, which, I realize, Haggen was not. In the past year, I have been heading out to an all organic farm store to buy the farm’s and other area producers’ products. Yes, it costs more but I find that I eat less because it is nourishing and fresh food.

  11. facetfully says:

    We are all creatures of habit, especially when we find something we like. In our town….same state as you…the two Albertsons, which I did not like, just last year sold to Haggens. Remodeled, etc…was not as big a fan as I thought I would be, but didn’t get a lot of chance. They are now supposed to go back to Albertson’s!

  12. New Journey says:

    I completely understand how you are feeling…..moving to another state and in an area that you wouldn’t call metropolitan by any means, I am having to going without my favorite stores….Traders Joe, Costco, Oliver’s Market, Whole Foods….the closest Costco is an hour away…across the border in California….and the closest Whole Food is also and hour north…..we have an Albertsons’ big deal!!! I hate them, they stink…….and the alternative is called Fry’s….kinda reminds me of a Safeway…they have a 30′ isle of healthy choices…that’s something…the only saving grace is all the fresh vegies and fruits at the fruit stands….our favorite is only 1.5 miles from out house….I am sorry that your loosing your favorite store….I feel your loss….kat

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