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The wonderful weekend is over and it is time to get back to another anticipated incredible work week. Although I was armed with my camera I ended up taking no pictures other than an ocean shot. Most of the beauty I witnessed was driving through the coastal range after the storms subsided and the sun came out. This was due to the fact that we really were concentrating more on getting back home and getting some things done to prepare for the week.

We did a little shopping yesterday morning at the factory outlets in Lincoln City. Sharon found a few of her favorite shops and I found the Columbia store. I picked out a few shirts for work and play and was pleased with the price.

BFEF3858-58CE-4315-9E94-1B5FF1E78E6E_mw1024_n_sWe also spent a little time at the casino where we had a wonderful dinner and lost a little bit of money. I have never been a gambler and actually dislike it a great deal, but every now and then I give it a whirl. Being an observer of people I always notice the faces of those in a casino. I saw mostly sad or angry faces and occasionally a happy excited one amongst those mesmerized by the lights, music and sounds of the gambling machines. Many had their own little routines they would perform as if they were rubbing the belly of the buddha in hopes that by pushing a button they can hit a jackpot. The jackpot of course is in the pockets of the owners of the casino who are not to quick to share it with too many. If anyone was to tell me that humanity has lost hope I urge them to visit a casino as these places are filled with hope.

There is such a sadness when I see people getting caught up in this cycle of ill thought when I know that too many are dumping hard earned money into a machine that should remain in their checking accounts. And for many it is actually borrowed money taken out on a credit card in which they will have to pay back with interest. I remember all too clearly lines of senior citizens in the local convenience stores trading their retirement money for a dream of scratch off tickets and pick it numbers. If winning money is the last hope our elderly have in their golden years then what message is it sending to the young.

Like the alcoholic or drug addict the gambler is also invested heavily in his or her drug of choice. It’s all about feeling that high of being a winner. A moment in the sun to take them away from either boredom or a desperately sad life.

It is not all but I know that is many. There are those in the casino like myself who may stop in for dinner and spin a few wheels once every couple of years. For me I find greater joy in the great outdoors where I find silence and peace in this world. The Eagle taking flight or the power of the waterfall brings about a certain wonder that life really is good and so am I.

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At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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10 Responses to Games People Play

  1. I do not like to gamble, but I know of people who gamble. I feel bad! Some loose their monthly $$ budget! Great post.

  2. naturalred says:

    We have done a few hiking trips to the Utah area and our nearest airport is always Las Vegas. Upon exiting the plane and making our way through Vegas I have also witnessed this same thing. I always think….if only they all could find that same high and feeling of being a winner doing something so much more beneficial for their health and well being.
    We find this by hiking mountain summits/canyons and making a goal and reaching it while on a trail. I believe if everyone could feel that ahhhh moment of succeeding at something they would no longer waste their time and hard earned money on something so trivial and risky as gambling.
    The bigger problem is motivation…..they need to sell this to get most people to even try something active which is what really drives me crazy. I wonder how to market something like motivation would work, maybe with bright lights, dings and whistles like in a casino would work:)

  3. Never been a gambler myself either Bill. I enjoy an occasional day at the races or a football (soccer) bet but apart from that, have no desire to ever enter a Casino. I suppose I should thank my lucky stars for that one…!

  4. suzewannabe says:

    I agree. My husband and I stayed at a hotel connected to a casino in Melbourne. It was depressing and schmaltzy. We both said “I totally don’t GET this!”

  5. New Journey says:

    We stay at a lot of rv parks at casinos…mu husband likes to take his chances…sometimes he makes enough to cover our night or even trip, but sometimes he just comes back with a smile….and smelling of smoke!!! and for sure there is hope and despair at the casino’s….I love the way they have the gambles anonymous signs everywhere but will cash anyone’s pay check… glad you had a nice weekend…..

  6. hsampson says:

    Thanks Billy, great post! So true about gamblers and misplaced hope.Something to ponder….
    I would have loved to see my face the first time I was in a casino in Las Vegas. lol.

  7. It’s an excitement understanding you are getting goods to get a
    notably reduced price as opposed to corner cost.

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