“Too Much” is “Too Much”

Over-exercisingOK folks, here we go again with another problem, another re-evaluation and another opportunity to make changes. My blood sugar is up and body weight is up which is yet another indication to me that I am doing something wrong. It’s all about “Too Much”. Too much in one workout each day, and too much food at the end of the day. Doing cardio and weight lifting all in the same day is not working out for me even though I have reduced the weight lifting workout. I have to go back to the “every other day plan”. As I am working towards burning fat I am kicking up my cardio to higher levels and with adding heavy lifting into the mix it is obvious that I am not allowing my body the time to heal properly.

I am returning to a plan where I can really concentrate cardio on cardio days and weight lifting on weight lifting days. I will start eating oatmeal each day 30 minutes after my workout along with cottage cheese to supply my body with both the energy and muscle food it needs for quick healing. Mid morning I will eat a yogurt and at lunch time I will always include a large salad. Dinner will be light, but filled with nutrition.

If I feel that I need a day off I will take one and if I feel that I need a reduced workout I will also do it. I cannot totally beat the shit out of myself everyday and expect positive results. I am only human.

Blood Sugar- 124, Weight- 180.8

Bowflex- ARMS
Curls- 100/100- 11, 10
Hammer Curls- 80/80- 11, 10
Tricep Pulldowns- 100/100- 8, 7 (drop weight next routine)
Dips- 310- 28, 28

About SimpleLivingOver50

At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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32 Responses to “Too Much” is “Too Much”

  1. I have been newly diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and have been making changes in my exercise routine and in my eating. I feel you are doing the right things, but perhaps too enthusiastically. Is that possible? Don’t beat yourself up about it. You will get it right in the end.

  2. josie416 says:

    I think you may be taking too short-sighted a view. Weight fluctuates daily, depending on the amount of sodium and fluids absorbed, the amount of food digested, the amount of sweat exuded, etc. And what is more important than your weight is your fat to muscle ratio, which can’t really be measured on a day by day basis. Perhaps you might want to consider a better use of the time you spend on daily physical monitoring and obsessive searches for “THE” perfect answer. May I suggest you split that time between adding a short walk, and doing a few minutes of meditation? (Pardon my advice giving; sometimes I just can’t help myself! πŸ˜‰

  3. Florida Life Minimalist says:

    Interesting. I’m having many of the same symptoms from not exercising enough!

  4. Deniza says:

    I had these symptoms a while ago, especially the overuse injuries. It is really important to know to listen to our body’s signals. Now I have gotten better at it and I try not to feel bad about taking 1-2 rest days per week πŸ™‚

  5. Joanne Fralick says:

    Sounds like you know your self and can set limits very well.

  6. Miranda says:

    I love the every other day approach!! I’m definitely going to have to start using it because if I work out every day, I get bored (or maybe it’s worn out) and then do nothing for longer than I care to admit :-/

  7. Interesting article. I started walking a month ago 5-7 mornings a week. I walk 1 to 3 hours each time and I feel the same regardless of the length of time spent walking. I am not energized after walking, I am drained, my body feels heavy and it’s always sore. I take care to eat before properly, have a hydration pack and snacks and eat when I get home. Even after a cooling shower, I could go to sleep but I make myself do something, generally housework or errands if not actual work. I gained 3 lbs. I have a good diet, all healthy foods, high in protein. I started taking Glucosimine and Biotin hoping it will help with the soreness and feelings of being weighted down. As for sleep, its on and off. Sometimes I do well others I do not.
    So your article hit me hard, maybe my attempt to become more active by walking each day or 5-7 times a week is really working against me, maybe I need to do it every other day to give myself a rest……..(my goal was to walk to lose some weight then incorporate yoga and strengthening). Maybe I got it all wrong.

    • The truth is that burning fat is 80% diet and just 20% exercise. I train to keep my Type II Diabetes in check. Not too long ago I dropped over 30 lbs by reducing my carb intake to just 30-60 grams per day. I am currently on a mission to burn 10 lbs of fat in 5 weeks to fit into my dress clothes again. Since I lost all of that body fat I quickly gained some of it back after over eating carbs again.

  8. New Journey says:

    I thought I sent my reply this morning…but up most of night with a sick dog….she had a crampy tummy all frigin night.. But she’s better today, so I was brain dead this morning… My first reply said in a very nice way….your body is telling u to back off…your still way to beast like for it….it wznrs gentle repetitions, easier cardio, not so many carbs…I also mention to the best of my recollection, when u got back from holiday… U were doing easy, gentle, non beady like actions and your body responded…. in a nut she’ll…be nicer to your muscles….they don’t want to do wha you want…. …of course this is all my opinion…. And I did mention in the previous reply that I forgot to send….you can always tell me to go jump in the ocean…lol. Headed to kite festival in long beach tomorrow…

    • Being on the Oregon Coast I sure do hope that you jumped in the ocean. πŸ™‚ I can’t agree with you more Kat, I do need to take it way back a few steps. Sometimes I believe that all of the years of training has me brainwashed into believing that If I am not giving 110% then I am just wasting my time. It is hard to change this type of thinking, but I suppose that it is time that I learn to start embracing it. I always welcome your opinion.

  9. New Journey says:

    Oh ya..I am not done… Lol when you got home you really watched your diet… All fresh, free range and organic… Sorry wasn’t done with my thoughts….lol

  10. geekkat says:

    This is what happens to me when I over do exercising. I am trying to keep things balanced but hey I’m human and a lot of the time I forget and I push too hard. Boy do I pay for it the next day. Between being sore, not wanting to get up and exercise. It can hurt as much as help. Take it day by day. Allow you body to tell you what you can and can’t do. You are doing great!!

  11. hsampson says:

    Thanks for this great reminder Billy! Balance is our eternal quest!

  12. With having fibromyalgia it’s very tricky. I find many days I can not do it at all. Some days I feel able and then the exercise causes more inflamation. Other times it really helps. I find it important to exercise on the good days. It is so much easier now more than ever, to over do it. As long as I keep that in mind at all times, things are fine. I think in general people forget how important exercise is.

  13. I definitely had to learn this the hard way too. I don’t have any sort of medical problems so it’s not the same case as you, but I can say that when I was teaching workout classes 2-3 times a day and pushing my limits I saw no changes in my body or fitness level. Now that I am doing my workouts at home at my own pace (and adding protein to my mostly vegetarian diet) I am still the same weight but look much more toned and feel more fit. I think some people’s bodies respond better to “over doing it”like body builders and professional athletes, but the average person needs breaks and rest and recovery. I was in the mindset that the more I pushed, the more results I would see and it took a few years to reteach myself but the results have been astounding! I wish you the best of luck in your recovery phases, as a former “over-doer” I know it can be hard to sit back and wait while you feel like you’re taking a step back in your progress but I promise it will do you some good! Love your blog by the way, you’re very inspiring.

  14. bigtexbri says:

    Strength and cardio at the same time is probably a stretch. May I make a suggestion? Skip the post workout oatmeal and eat the cottage cheese immediately after working out. There are a ton of carbs in oatmeal and even though they are complex and low GI it would probably be better to start your recovery with protein. It’s always better to take an extra day to recover from a workout than to be laid off entirely to recuperate from a preventable injury. My thoughts for what they are worth.

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