The Aura of Love

REQ-I-saw-it-in-your-aura-you-love-me-total-drama-island-30646487-640-480As we approached each other after being apart for many weeks I noticed a spark of love in her eyes that seemed to speak to me. There was a soft glow of pink light that surrounded her. The sun was going down near this lost lake deep into the mountains where we decided to meet once again. The shadows of mighty trees created a mysterious vision before me as they laid upon the ground as if something from past days. As I looked around I quickly noticed that I didn’t recognize this place quite the same as I did an hour earlier when I arrived. I also noticed the same pinkish glow around my arm when reaching out to her and realized that this glow was also surrounding me.

We touched and I pulled her into my arms and felt her arms wrapped around my lower back. “I have missed you baby”, “I have missed you too, my love”. We kissed and as I felt her soft lips on mine I felt a quiver rush through my body as the electrical spark of something I have never felt before. She pressed her mouth into mine and our tongues slowly danced in a hypnotic rhythm and I felt the blood rush to my lower body as an erection was rising. With our bodies pressed together I know that she may have felt it too as I felt her body even closer to mine. It was then I noticed something spectacular as I gazed up. This pinkish glow that surrounded each of us was coming together to form on large circle around us.

As my knees were weakening I grabbed her hand and lead her to the blanket I had laid out for out picnic as we continued to never break the embrace we were in. We both looked around and noticed that there was not a single person left in park. She smiled at me and I returned the smile. We helped each other remove our clothing and before you know it we were both stark naked yet felt unashamed and a part of the living environment that surrounded us. She laid out upon the blanket and reached for me as an invitation to once again close our circle and I moved to lie over her as I felt a strong magnetic pull to her. And the pinkish glow completely closed and appeared to form a darker shell around it.

auramergingAs I entered her I felt yet another pulse of energy and she felt the same as her body quivered and she had the need to inhale the forest air. Our bodies moved slowly together as I felt myself deep inside her. The circle that surrounded us was slowly changing to a reddish color and became more intense with each movement. We looked deeply into each others eyes each time our mouths broke from each other. Our rhythm became a little quicker with each movement we make together and the deep red circle started to dance around us. We were both breathing heavy as the spark of an orgasm felt closer and closer. And the circle continued to dance getting even deeper in it’s red color. We both reached a point of complete pleasure as our bodies released together and I pressed my myself hard against hers as to never wanting to leave this moment. I noticed the circle had turned purple around us and danced feverishly now in a rhythm that seemed almost primal in nature. As we slowed the circle also slowed.

We both laid there on that blanket in the middle of the forest beside that lake as the sun finally dipped down behind the horizon. We both fell asleep and awoke to the brilliant stars in the sky and the reflection of the moon upon that lake. She turned to look at me as I did her and we both laughed together in the delight that we experienced this wonderful night together. We dressed and ate a little from the picnic basket before driving home. On the drive back I asked her if she noticed anything spectacular in the forest. She said, “Do you mean the circle of energy that surrounded us?”

indexSometimes we get glimpses of true nature and understand that the world isn’t always the way we think it is.

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At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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4 Responses to The Aura of Love

    • Yea, this is actually a true story. I have always had times in my life where I get glimpses of amazing things that seem to not be of this world. I can’t explain them but it makes me understand that there is more to the word “Love” than we will ever realize.

  1. Jenn Prime says:

    This is some of the most beautiful erotic writing I have ever read. I was left with more of an impression of the wonder of it the connection than the act itself, and that’s what making love truly is. I have to ask you, though, how your wife feels about having her sex life written about? If it were me, I would be honored by the tasteful way it was done. And if you make love to your wife the way you write about it, she is a lucky lady. If it were my husband…well, he doesn’t like to open his personal life to anyone, and would be upset.

    • I pretty much do not share my blog with family and friends. My wife knows just how specials she is and appreciates the things I write even if they do tend to be a little personal at times. Our relationship is actually pretty amazing at times and sometimes feels magical. I am so happy that this post was able to touch you in such a way and does help you to see all of the wonders of nature that surround us.

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