Breaking the “Code”

i_want_to_live_a_simple_life_by_ineedchemicalxThere are huge industries in the world who depend on us each day to make the decision to spend money on their products or use their services. The financial world wants us to use their money to pay for stuff that we really don’t need and charge us interest. The insurance industry wants us to insure all of those things we don’t need and hope that they don’t break. Manufacturing from every angle hopes that they can entice us into buying products we don’t need and the food industry creates cheap foods which taste delicious but have no nutritional value. And the list goes on and on. Major corporations have utilized the years of studies in the field of psychology to use all of the triggers they know will convince us that we should purchase their products right now. There is a certain “Code” that they use in their protocol of moving a product from their location to our homes.

Not even something as simple as good health is sacred anymore as we are bombarded with ads about products in the form of drugs. Not only are we convinced that we should have health care we are actually forced to have it as we are also forced to have auto insurance. Even with all of the advances in medicine we still question whether or not we can actually afford to go to the hospital if we get sick. And if we do get sick and don’t survive there is another huge industry gaining large profits from that as we have to be buried.

This whole “Coded” system that we live in is a matrix of confusion and can push folks to a breaking point. Take a look at just the way taxes in America are done alone. It can be so daunting that we hire people to do our taxes for us which is yet another industry. There is no reason why taxes could not simply be set at a fixed percentage of our income and we are done with it.

There are record amounts of people who are reaching that breaking point and trying to find ways out of this matrix. Some call it “Minimalism”, some call it “Simple Living”. But it really doesn’t matter too much what you call it as to me I see it as a simple cry for change. Another new trend has started in the form of “Local Living” in which communities are opting to spend their money locally and keep the wealth within rather than supporting the high profit driven industries that keep them in the matrix. Families are purchasing land and learning how to become “Homesteaders” where they feel closer to the earth and are more detached from the current system. The “Tiny House” movement is in the rise and people are finding that they can comfortably live in travel trailers.

From all walks of life of people of all age groups from the 20 year old’s who can’t afford to live and pay off their student loans all the way up to the seniors who can’t afford to stay in their homes, people are learning to break the code. Rather than our governments understanding this cry for help they are creating laws each day that make it harder for folks to break away. I am waiting for a law to be passed one day that makes it mandatory to have TV. There are laws across our land that make it mandatory to be hooked up to public water and sewer and others that make illegal to collect rainwater. There is a quiet war brewing on the horizon and as more and more people wake up we will may just see some real positive changes occur. Most folks don’t like the feeling of control, but it seems that it is getting harder and harder each day to find a way to acquire our own individual control over our lives.

On a personal level I am using “Minimalism” as my break away. I know that for now I won’t be able to break away from all systems in place but at least I know that someday I will no longer be tied to a world of paying interest to the banking industry. I no longer allow all of the mind stirring words of the advertisers on the media to get even remotely close to entering into my brain. I support local businesses and very rarely find reason to purchase anything produced by an industry that doesn’t support my community. I am learning that I can live in a smaller home as I remove all of the clutter in it and life is so much less about stuff than it is people and the adventures we share. My passions are fueled by a small community I love on the internet and as this community grows it will also grow in our neighborhoods. I am breaking this “Code” and if there are any others reading this post who remotely feel the same way I do I encourage you to learn to find your way back to the life you love.

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About SimpleLivingOver50

At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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19 Responses to Breaking the “Code”

  1. Marquessa says:

    It is a satisfying feeling when you at least try to get back to basics. If it be simple as growing a few items for yourself, to getting rid of things you never use or using the “nice” items on a daily basis…I feel the same as you.

  2. It is interesting how much things are changing… like you mentioned, the simple living/minimalism, tiny houses, local products, organic, environmentally friendly. But then again, not all people are going in a new direction.

  3. Miranda says:

    This is so true! Everything is an industry that has to be profitable. The second biggest one is education (total student loan debt is over $1.2 trillion!).
    You’re also very right about how we’re programmed to accept this insanity… Thank God I’m not in that haze anymore 🙂

  4. dgyelle says:

    I’m so glad I adopted a reuse, repurpose, repair, rely on my self attitude decades ago. Knowing I have the ability to prosper outside the confies of corporate America is nearly euphoric!

  5. Courage says:

    very interesting read I opted to get rid of most of my unnecessary clutter a few months back . It frees up a lot of mental space there is a lot of stuff we don’t actually need but buy .

  6. Tessa says:

    I love those tiny houses and if nothing else a mobile home would be fine for me.

  7. hsampson says:

    Wise advice Billy! there is nothing like being able to drop the unnecessary stuff and return to the life we love and for many silly reasons we allow to vanish from our everyday life. Thanks once more!

  8. New Journey says:

    Well said and how true….it is so sad that the bottom line is all about matter what industry we are talking about, it used to be about the employees and the products first, then the money, as long as there was a profit margin showing it was a win-win situation, then in my opinion something snapped some where along the line and its all about greed….so sad….good article Billy…My husband came here from Germany and in all his years, besides his house payments, the only interest he has ever paid out was under $7 to Sears, so he could establish credit in America, never again has he paid a penny to interest…..he also paid off his house in half the time he had on his loan….he has taught me so much about the finances…I wish someone would of done that for me when I was in my teens….makes such a difference…and how wonderful to live within our means…..

    • I having saying this for years that with all of the basic courses in school how is it that we were never taught the basics of money. There are private schools in America that do teach all of these principles but most parents could never afford to send their children to them. They are set up for the financially elite of our society.

      • New Journey says:

        it’s maddening….I also have noticed that no one is teaching the basics in driving skills, for example, when you blink touir lights at someone in the hour of dusk to remind them to turn on their lights, it frigin dark out, they flip you the finger…or pulling over for an emergency vehicle….I find that hardly no one in California has been taught the simple basic driving etiquette skills….its maddening….the seems to me no more basic logic in the general population….its all about greed and to get to the front of the line, whether it be in a car or at the post office….hope its cooled down up there….

      • Yea it’s down around 97 degrees now. And yes people really suck on our roads.

  9. lorac888890 says:

    Thank you for enjoying my Let’s Do This Nice and Easy blog, but please come back again. You’re so right on health and the community. Too many of us wonder why we don’t have money when it’s wasted on things that aren’t important. But we are learning more everyday and it’s about time.

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