Blood Sugar on the Rise

arrow+graphSo I am on vacation and eating pretty well other than my timing. My schedule has been slightly off and my blood sugar has continued to rise. Despite the fact that I am taking 3-4 mile walks each day my glucose meter registered a 137 this morning. Everything seems to be off schedule during a holiday and this one is certainly not any different. So all I can do is the best I can and try to keep things as healthy as possible. I am missing things like farm fresh vegetables, grass fed meats and cage free eggs. I wasn’t sure if these things made much of a difference until now.

Another issue that I always deal with on holiday is that of constipation. This basically means that my gut is experiencing some distress, but fortunately this changed this morning. I am hoping to see better numbers tomorrow.

About SimpleLivingOver50

At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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17 Responses to Blood Sugar on the Rise

  1. I sure understand the struggles of travel. With Celiac disease I have to take an extra piece of luggage full of gluten free food just in case. For constipation the simplest solution is magnesium citrate. It’s an inexpensive supplement. Just make sure it’s citrate and nothing else added. It works like a charm. Of course, you should check with your doc before adding any supplement . Have a fun vacation!

  2. suzewannabe says:

    2 things to try if you haven’t yet
    *Furamag for regularity
    *Berberine for blood sugar. My husband’s A1c finally in prediabetic zone affer 15 years of type 2. And he does not eat like an angel always.

  3. Sandy says:

    Probiotics and ACV for the gut. Should see some relief in 24 hours.

    Lorna Vanderhaeghe – glucosmart. I was up at over 125 each morning for about the last month. I haven’t had any readings during the day below 110 in over a month as well. It’s been rough. 72 hours after glucosmart and I was down to 108 this morning and 1 lbs lost in 72 hours.

    Her products are true impressive and have always helped me immensely.

    A few years ago I have triglycerides where my doctor wanted to hospitalize me for further testing and monitoring. 30 days of vein-sense from her line and I was back to a healthy young adult. Doctor couldn’t believe that’s all I did was take her pills.

    Just sharing my latest. 🙂 hope you enjoy your vacation !!! Don’t stress over blood sugar it will only rise more, this I have also learned.

  4. Marietta Warkentin says:

    Yes, Can relate to these issues! My sugars have been quite a bit higher lately. Back to riding my bike and walking or daily hikes. Added stress hasn’t helped either. Death in the family, stressful travel. I like to take a small bag of prunes with me when I travel.

  5. New Journey says:

    I am thinking your not getting enough water…remember your in a climate that drains your moisture even if your setting still…and your out walking…just sayin….and I am pretty sure they have grass fed beef and they have fresh vegies…..I think…LOL hope alls moving again soon….

  6. Oh I hope it gets better soon. I am new to this Sugar issue, losing weight, walking daily — and leaving on vacation the 20th. good to have the heads up that I may need to be extra observant…..feel better!

  7. ThePlexusMan-Chris O'Gwynn says:

    I use “block” which contains NC2. It blocks up to 48% of sugars and carbs from turning to fat. Also may help balance blood sugar. Plexus Slim is great as well. Worth checking out. Best wishes.

  8. Constipation can be due to diabetes (a form of a neuropathy). I would stay away from any meds or supplements and just eat a high-fiber diet, corn / legumes / barley cereal are extremely helpful. Plenty of water. Getting enough sleep at night might help to lower fasting BG. JMHO

  9. says:

    Simple living, do me a favor, start your day with bacon and eggs, maybe a small piece of cheese, lot of lemon sugar of course all during the day. Watch the white bread and no processed foods, make white anything off limits. Do a good Diatomaceous Earth Detox after you get home..then fill up on homemade probiotics ‘=)

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