I Must Rediscover the Paleo Lifestyle

Paleo-Diet-Reviews-From-Creationists-Criticize-The-Caveman-Claim-No-Benefit-665x385I am back for the first day of the second week of the Beast Mode workout. Today I will be working the chest the same as I did last Monday. I would love to say that I can raise the weight but know that I am maxed out as far as the heaviest weight the bowflex carries.

Obviously I am not happy with my morning blood sugar reading, but I also know that it was self induced with white bread, cake and beer yesterday. Yea, I had one of those days. But today is a brand new day and I am back on track once again. I will concentrate a little more on my diet this week and try to stay on course with keeping my carbs under 100 grams per day and avoiding sugar. I know that it is ridiculous to say but I feel as though I am losing my motivation to eat just the right things. Eating the wrong things has lead to my waist size going from a 32″ to a 33″. I have to find that same ambition that I did before and get back to where I was. My blood sugar readings have also been much higher than they were before I packed on some body fat and this itself should be enough motivation to get me excited enough to eat right.

I can get up early in the morning and work out like a beast, but if I don’t get the diet back on track my progress will falter and my problems with Type II Diabetes will continue. Last week I drew a line in the sand with keeping up with a good workout routine and today I am drawing that same line once again for eating correctly. I will start to strive for eating mostly vegetables, a little bit of meat and a few healthy carbohydrates. I will stop these stupid games I keep playing with beer and bread know that each one is just reversing all of the strides I make each day with workouts.

Not too long ago I discovered the Paleo Diet and was excited about it and started practicing it each day. I listened to podcasts about it and read books and stayed motivated and watched my body fat slowly melt away. This is the excitement I must get back and I will start today by listening to Paleo Magazine Radio.

Blood Sugar- 120, Weight- 179.2

Bowflex- CHEST
Bench Press- 310- 27, 28, 26
Incline Press- 310- 20, 19, 18
Decline Press- 310- 23, 25, 23
Fly’s- 85/85- 17, 17, 16

6:30 AM- Breakfast- Cottage Cheese, Blueberries
9:30 AM- Snack- Protein Shake, Blueberries
12:30 PM- Lunch- 1/2 Hamburger, Rice & Beans
6:30 PM- Dinner- Pork, Green Beans

About SimpleLivingOver50

At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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15 Responses to I Must Rediscover the Paleo Lifestyle

  1. Good luck with the diet. I would like to try to employ it into my regime but struggle with the low carb intake I currently live on and the amount of exercise I do. Obviously being limited in the amount of volume I can take on I have to get the balance right so seem to employ only parts of the Paleo diet although I do like the parts I do add, like Coconut Almond Bars 😉

  2. wrdwrk says:

    Are you counting carbs ? They are killers. Did you ever get to checking out ‘Dietdoctor.com’…the site that helped rid me of insulin dependant type 2 diabetes and a bunch of other issues as well ? Please, really make an effort to see the video ‘Cereal Killers’…I am certain it will be germane to exactly what you are searching for !

  3. Good luck. I struggled to stay on the paleo diet. Not that I have any great answers – maybe in time – but currently I find the Ayurvedic approach more suitable for me. It’s all about nature and balance. I just need more time with it before I can discuss its merits.

  4. wrdwrk says:

    LCHF / IF low carb, high or healthy fats…with intermittent fasting is Paleo plus, plus, plus…if you read it…you WILL understand and ‘Dietdoctor.com’ or Dr. Steve Phinney’s books explain it perfectly ! As do the interviews with Dr. Jason Fung and others…

  5. jncthedc says:

    Only one suggestion. Don’t look at a “forced style of eating” (ex Paleo) as a “punishment” because past behavior has resulted in blood sugar issues. I am thankful and fortunate to have good blood chemistries, yet I continue EVERYDAY to log ALL my food and exercise (and have done so since 1995). I view this as a “way of life.” The results (once you reach a maintenance level) and the ability to do all the physical activities you choose regardless of age acts as the motivation. We would like motivation to be on the front end; you are more likely to see it on the back end. Good luck my friend.

  6. saraheklima says:

    I like that you just pick yourself up. Don’t let a setback get ya down 🙂 You’re awesome. Go you!

  7. James says:

    Father’s Day was a study in excess if you want to talk about food. Pastrami sandwich for lunch followed by fried won tons. Then both a cheeseburger and hot dog for dinner along with a baked potato and a beer. The apple strudel sent it over the top and gained (regained) 7/10 of a pound, which isn’t bad considering. Back on the plan today with my regular diet of protein, fruits, and veggies plus some heavy lifting (for me, anyway) at the gym this a.m.

    Every time you fall off the horse, you just have to get back on and ride.

  8. This recipe has helped so much. It is my go to snack. http://marykiningham.com/2015/01/14/delicious-energy-bites/
    AND so easy to make.

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