Life Simplified

Living the Life Work Balance

How simplified your day is can have an effect on your life & work productivity.

More and more as the years go on, I’ve found that simplifying your life of physical clutter and life clutter can create space for calm in your mind as well as the space around you.

The days of always being ‘too busy’ or ‘walking around like a headless chicken’ or ‘no time for me’ should be made a thing of the past. Take a think, a look at your day to day, and ask yourself, what can I strip away at, that will keep my life less chaotic and more streamlined?

I have found that stripping away at the ‘stuff’ in your space can create order, not just in your physical space, but your mental space too. Have a clear-out of all the things in your home that you just don’t use, or need. Be ruthless…

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About SimpleLivingOver50

At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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