Mr. Coffee

0007217923085_500X500As a practicing minimalist making decisions on making any type of purchase is never an easy task. Shopping becomes a chore of real hard nosed research and with all of the advertising and self made reviews it can be daunting. Last week Sharon told me that she believes that it is time for a new coffee pot. I have to agree with her as we use our coffee pot everyday and it has been well over 5 years since we purchased Mr. Coffee. So I set out to try to find a good replacement and after 3 days of panning the internet and making comparisons I ended up purchasing the same coffee pot that we are retiring. Of course it is a newer version and looks slightly different, but functions the exact same way as old Mr. Coffee. It cost only 30.00 dollars and if it last just as long as the old one we will have gotten our money’s worth.

Why do I right a post about a stupid coffee pot? Well, the coffee pot is one of the tools that helped us get out of debt and provides a resource for our savings. You see, we both love coffee and could never think about giving it up. We don’t drink a lot, but we do love a good cup or two in the morning. What ever is left in the pot goes into my travel much and off to work with me each day. Everyday I see people lined up at the coffee venders getting their morning cup. Based on my recent research the average large cup of coffee (which compares to the size of my travel mug) is just around 2.50. If I were to spend this money each day for a cup of coffee each day the total cost over a year would be 365 x 2.50 = 912.50. And that is just based on 1 cup per day. Most of us coffee drinkers average 2 cups a day. Sharon doesn’t bring coffee to work but does drink what is equal to 1 large cup in the morning as do I, so we can take that 912.50 and multiply it by 3 to get 2737.50. Do you see where I am going with this? Spending just a few dollars each day doesn’t seem like a lot until you start doing the math. I know many who get fancy each day and pay upwards of 5.00 dollars for a cup of coffee.

I can honestly say that the 30.00 dollars I spent on a coffee pot, some filters and a good bag of coffee is well worth it. I know that there are people who would say to me, just stop drinking coffee and you could save even more money. This is true, but to me minimalism is not just about getting rid of the things that don’t serve you and bring you joy, but also keeping the things that do serve you and bring you joy. Coffee does that for me and it is one of the simple joys that has become part of my life. As I sit here and write this post I stare into the beauty of my garden and raise my cup of hot steaming coffee and say to you, “Have a wonderful Day”

Blood Sugar- 107, Weight- 174.2

Distance- 2.40 miles
Time- 36:01
Calories- 278.5

Breakfast- 2 Eggs
Lunch- Burger, Salad
Dinner- Halibut, Spinach

About SimpleLivingOver50

At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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25 Responses to Mr. Coffee

  1. Mon says:

    I should consider minimalism 😉

  2. Florida Minimalist says:

    I brew my own coffee at home as well. Aside from the actual purchase of expensive coffee from the shops comes the extra time waiting in line, extra gas to sit in the drive through and the temptation to purchase extras like donuts or pastries. It’s a downward spiral of wasted time and money. The last thing I want to do on the weekend is get dressed, get in my car and drive to get my coffee. My coffee is my alarm clock and I pour myself a mug and sit on the back porch on the weekends. No extra effort, time or money involved. Coffee is most definitely a simple pleasure!! Wise purchase my friend.

  3. educater21 says:

    Oh yes the daily purchase, simple as it seems definitely adds up. I drink coffee at home but my weakness is a local delicacy called doubles. It is the cheapest meal around, at just $4.00 TT but again it does add up if you make it a habit.

    Like you I did cut back on that significantly.

  4. James says:

    Coffee is good. Without it, I cannot brain. Need more.

  5. abitofanobsession says:

    We don’t even own a coffee pot! We just take a regular pot fill it with water, put it on the stove, add coffee when the water boils and voila, coffee! 🙂 We use a strainer when we pour it into our cups so we don’t get any coffee grinds in there. We’ve never felt the need for a coffee pot and we are grateful for the extra counter space!

  6. jncthedc says:

    Although my nutrition plan avoids many “pleasurable” foods, my love of coffee and the relaxation it provides remains a daily happening. The caffeine does not create any noticeable change for me and I consume a 14 oz. cup of espresso within 30 minutes of going to sleep on most nights. Coffee contains a very powerful antioxidant (chlorogenic acid) where tea’s antioxidant is polyphenols. Cup for cup, coffee offers more antioxidants, however, tea can be consumed throughout the day without potentially compromising one’s health. There are possible negative side effects to large coffee consumption.
    Moral of the story: If you enjoy coffee or tea, drink up. Both offer physical health benefits as well as emotional benefits.

  7. mike and brandy says:

    We rather prefer the old percolator to the drip coffee and it’s all stainless steel. Absolutely hate plastics and trying to reduce the amount of it around the house. Love the blog. Enjoy the day. -mike

  8. Helen says:

    One of my colleagues did the sums and worked out that if he took his own lunch to work he could save the equivalent to run his car for a year!

  9. One of the “freebies” my daughter found for our new home in the pile of appliances recorded for display purposes was a Kurig 2.0. Now those wee little Kurig cups are NOT cheap.Tey are cheaper than the fancy coffee at the coffee shops but they are still pretty high. I don’t even actually like the coffee from the Kurig either because it is just not hot enough. I like my coffee scalding hot cooled with milk and the Kurig can’t do it hot enough after the milk is in. I actually prefer Instant because of that. So I hemmed and hawed and then decided that I would buy a selection pack for the Kurig at $30. It has a wide selection of different types so I can offer company anything from English Breakfast Tea to Brazilian Breakfast Coffee to Hot Apple cider from the Kurig but for day to day use I just have instant. Even the instant I bought a year’s supply of at a sale for $2.97 a jar. And for my birthday, my daughter gave me a bunch of dollar store Kurig look-a-likes and a package of four little cheat baskets you can put regular coffee in by the spoonful. It’s also better for the environment.

  10. The kurig is nice but it is always on and so is a power hog. Yes it is nice for company but not for day to day.

  11. jiminpanama says:

    Dear Mr Coffee. You have made my life a functioning one. You are cheap and your leaking faucet drip rate is better than an IV in a rehab ward. Thank you for selling a cheap ass way to drink coffee with years of problem free morning joe. Thank you, you big stud home brew genius

  12. Leopold says:

    My wife and I have the Kurig. A nice convenience of having multiple choices of coffee flavors which we keep in the house.

  13. I had to give up coffee, didn’t think I would survive….but I did. Thought I would never wake up without a cup of coffee…but I did. I still set the coffee in the evening for my husband and the smell makes me smile, I like it…I just can’t have it anymore 😦

    • As of today I am down to just 1 cup in the morning. I am drinking tea right now at work. Coffee used to be a pretty strong trigger for me back in the day to smoke. I am so happy that I don’t have that problem anymore.

  14. Maryanne says:

    Enjoy your new coffee pot! We have a Kurig, but it’s just not as lovely as the smell of a fresh brew first thing in the morning.

    Are you familiar with the health benefits of coffee blended with grass-fed butter and coconut oil? (Not to mention that the concoction tastes fabulous!) I start every day with that mixture, which is known as “high octane coffee,” “buttered coffee” or “Bulletproof coffee.”

  15. willteel says:

    Coffee is an essential part of life!

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