A Message to my Grand Children

Landfill-Ban-on-Unsorted-Waste-Could-Save-£2.1-billionAs my life progresses in a direction where as each day passes I learn more and more how much I treasure and desire the simplicity of life. All of those things that I desired as a young man have gone away in forgotten dreams of lost temporary pleasures. I don’t remember too much about those first couple of cars I owned, but I do remember so much about the people who surrounded me with love as I drove in them. I can’t remember the gifts I received on Birthdays or Holidays, but I do remember every detail about who was at those celebrations and the laughs of joy we shared.

It is never about the thing, but is always about the people and experiences we gain. Those long lasting memories that never leave us as the years go by. How is it that it took so long to realize this? Is it this way in all cultures around the world, or just this way in those countries who are driven by a consumer based economy? Is it a learned trait that we always push for more and more stuff to the point where we want to become the King of the Stuff, or is it something that we are born with? I don’t know, but it seems to me that the more stuff we accumulate, the more stuff we want. There is always something that we are reaching out for despite the fact that we have so much. And the truth is that it makes us happy only when we get it. Sure the happiness may linger a few days or so, or even weeks, but it isn’t long before we are looking for that next item of desire.

And during this whole learning process I think about all of the money that was spent on buying shit just to fill the desire of buying shit. If I were to save all of that money for all of those years where now would I be in my life? How would it be different? Thank God, that in my late 40’s I woke up and realized what the hell I was doing. I am lucky that I still have time to make the right changes in my life and start concentrating more on life itself and not the stuff that fills our lives.

So what is my job as a late blooming, simple life seeker? Well of course, to teach both my children and grandchildren the lessons that I have learned in hope that they just may understand what life is really about. Maybe, just maybe our grandchildren will learn enough to make the changes necessary to fix this problem, because I don’t see it in my lifetime. Let them look at the landfills dug so deep and piled so high with all of the desires of those who rushed out to the malls to fill their homes, only to turn around and put them out for trash. Let them think about all the money that was spent on these desires that instead could have went towards things like fixing our homeless population. And let them truly understand that happiness is never found in a box and can only be found in the love of the experiences we spend with other people. It’s the hike on an unknown trail, the sight of a glorious sunrise or the sound of the wind blowing through the tree’s as we lay on the grass in a park that brings about the real joys of life. All of the happiness you will ever seek can be found in the simplest of the life around you.

I am getting a bit out of control here and this morning’s blood sugar numbers are scaring the shit out of me. Again last night I played with things I shouldn’t have played with. Potato’s with dinner, snacking on pretzels and drinking beer. My life and my diet are totally out of control and I know it. Now here it is Easter Day, another holiday that we typically celebrate with food. Although I will be tempted by so many high carbohydrate foods that I know I can’t eat, I will opt to eat just the meat and fresh vegetables.

Pull it together man, get back on track and return to center. My balance is way off and has to find it’s way back. As I examine my day I come to realize that I have high energy all day long to make the right choices with food. It is the end of the day that drives me to drink beer and eat crap. This is the part of the day that needs repair. I am lifting weights like a beast this morning to try and drive that sugar from my system.

Despite the fact that it is Spring it still has been too damn cold to get outside and do anything truly recreational. Northern Oregon is a lovely place to live for 3-4 months out of the year. The rest of the year is cold, damp and raining. Is it no wonder I am drinking so much beer… Yes, Tampa, Florida is in my plans for the end of this year.

Blood Sugar- 195, Weight- 170.2

Bowflex- ARMS
Curls- 160 lbs. – 8, 9, 7
Hammer Curls- 110 lbs. – 12, 11, 10
Tricep Pulldown- 140 lbs. – 14, 15, 14
Dips- 310 lbs. – 20, 25, 20
Alternating Situps- 3×6- (Stopped because of lower back pain)

Meal Plan
Breakfast- Cottage Cheese
Lunch- Eggs and Sausage
Dinner- Ham, Salad, Asparagus

About SimpleLivingOver50

At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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16 Responses to A Message to my Grand Children

  1. Sandy says:

    I don’t know if we can ‘vote’ for people or have a say in their well being on here, but I clearly vote for you to make it through today with no beer and no carbs and to make yourself the priority. I read every post, although I may not comment or like .. But I read every one. You have worked so hard to conquer T2D I’m confident you can get it back under control. But it will only happen when you decide it’s time.

  2. Well written comments about consumerism. I might add that we work ourselves to death to stuff those landfills. If we didn’t need all that crap, we wouldn’t have to work at stressful high paying high status jobs. We could function much healthier and happier working less hours; perhaps in low pressure jobs with less stress. Therefore, less consumerism equals, less pollution, healthier, happier planet, and healthier happier people,

  3. princessdoodlebug says:

    This is nice in theory but to try and put it into life proves difficult.

  4. mandy smith says:

    Well said–All. On one hand, it can be depressing to think about all the sh*! I’ve bought for whatever ridiculous reason. ( I’ve always been what I call a “tightwad”, don’t shop, don’t use credit cards, yet I still manage to have way too much STUFF!) On the other hand, I’m glad not to have reached the end of my life without realizing all of this, and have an opportunity to change. Doing great all day and then caving to the no-no’s by evening is my downfall, too. I chalk it up to owing myself a reward, since I sacrifice all day. Hmmm. Maybe it is the weather. If Oregon wasn’t one of the most beautiful place in the world during those few rain-gray free months I’d . . . 😀

  5. Tip-Tastic TAS says:

    I am that person who spends and buys only to throw away and start again. I think it’s time for a reality check. Hope you had a lovely low-carb Easter. 🙂

  6. ramblingdon says:

    Chill a little my friend. Being a diabetic like yourself, I know that some days your blood sugar number reading is a mystery. Even my Endocrinologist scratches his head when asked to explain a daily reading sometimes.
    I am anal about my eating and about my readings and it drives me crazy when the readings are bad. But, my doctor tells me to look at the the overall trend and not at a single number and this does make more sense.
    One other thing, I also know that the experts will tell you to “eat properly” but everyone deserves the occasional treat, if its Ice Cream or Beer, or Cake or whatever, one dish if Ice Cream or one or two beers do not foretell imminent death.
    So, I take the long view and work towards the best.
    I wish you well.

  7. Sarah says:

    Enjoyed your post! We are trying to simplify too. It’s hard sometimes! We cut out cable (which means no commercials) and made a game out of seeing how little we could spend (my husband and I actually enjoyed trying to cut as much expense just to see how low we could go), and it has helped a lot in seeing what were think we need. Hope you keep fighting the fight! You’re not alone in the food and self control struggle!

    • Outstanding! I love the journey. I still have a few more months with the satellite TV company. I have learned that a good HD Antenna will give me more than 40 channels in my area. I don’t watch much TV anyway.

      • Sarah says:

        Yeah, we used an antenna and just got the free channels, and then we also had Netflix. We tried to go outside and explore instead of watch t.v. (it was easier when we were in CALIFORNIA; now we’re in Alaska, so the weather isn’t always welcoming).

      • Yea, that’s pretty tough. You live in a beautiful State.

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