7 Ways to be Healthier in the Office

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By Nicole Tinkham


It’s easy to stick to your healthy goals outside work where you can eat healthy and be active on your own time. However, sitting in the office all day limits what you can do as far as exercise. Your eating habits in the office also shift. Being the busy little bee you are, you may not have the flexibility to eat at the proper times and fast food always seems like the easiest option. There’s also that struggle of avoiding the kitchen goodies (if yours is anything like ours, there’s not a healthy food in sight!). Keep in mind this is only considering a normal workday. You’ve also got those office parties, lunch meetings, late nights, and travel that can totally throw off your healthy habits. Being happy and healthy in the workplace goes beyond just your personal wellness. It boosts productivity and improves your mood which…

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About SimpleLivingOver50

At 53 years old I am starting to realize how life changes both physically and emotionally. I strive for a life of simplicity. I am winning the battle with type II diabetes, created a plan to have all debt paid off in 4 years including the house, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to it's fullest through adventures in nature, hiking, biking, loving and learning.
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