How to buy a good used car for less than $3,000.

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The two of us have both purchased used cars in the past two years for less than $3,000 each, and wanted to share some tips we learned along the way. We both did a lot of research before buying these cars, and both have proved to be reliable cars, so we wanted to share our advice with all of you.  We purchased a 1998 Honda Civic for $2,200 and a 1996 Buick LaSabre for $2,500.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 11.49.47 PM

First, decide if you would rather buy from a dealer or a private seller (i.e. random person on Craigslist). The main advantages of buying from a dealer is that it is more convenient (you can look at and test drive several cars at once) and you can usually pay with a credit card. A dealer also takes on the cost of registration and tax if you ask for it.  Although buying from a private seller is less convenient…

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