Super Bowl Sunday Wing

I love making these wings.

The No Carb Life

image Super Bowl Sunday Wings

I love to grill, love food off the grill, and just generally anything that let’s me put food over an open flame. There will be a lot of people frying up some tasty wings on Super Bowl Sunday and you could do the same and stay in ketosis or you could make an awesome marinade and out them on the grill. I will be making two different flavors of wings in this recipe, one Chinese Rum style and the other will be buffalo.

These wings will have you saying “What time is the Super Bowl? It’s WING TIME!” Well maybe not because you probably aren’t as corny as me but you get what I’m saying.

Chinese Rum Nutrition Info: 829 calories, 7 g carbs, 47 g fat

Buffalo Nutrition Info: 490 calories, 0 g carbs, 29 g fat

Cooking Supplies Needed

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