Finding my way back once again

Today is the fourth morning I have pushed myself out into the garage and gotten on the treadmill. While I am just doing 10 minute walks I have to say that I can already feel the difference. I will slowly move up to 12 minutes, then 15 minutes and so on until I reach my happy place at a 30 minute fast paced walk with 5 minutes of a slowdown period.

Upon returning from work yesterday I found the three books I ordered from Amazon waiting for me. “It Starts with Food” by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, plus “The Whole 30 – The 30 day guide to total health and food freedom” and “The Whole 30 Cookbook”.

I have already changed my diet a bit and have already notice my blood sugar coming down each day. I really look forward to finishing the first book and getting started with the program.

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Rain, Rain and more Rain

It started raining here in Northern Oregon back in October of 2016 and hasn’t stopped yet. It has been cold and wet and after 6 months of dealing with this crap I have learned exactly what can happen without sunshine, exercise or proper diet. Winter is pretty tough anywhere but in most area’s of the country there are breaks in the weather where I little bit of sunshine is present for awhile. It’s wonderful having the convenience of a personal gym right out in the garage, but if it’s too damn cold to workout then what is the sense of owning it.

I just received the results of the blood test that was performed during my annual physical and it makes me sick. And if I don’t do something about it it could literally make me sick.

These are the bad markers:

Glucose – 173.0H
Triglycerides – 317H
Cholesterol – 298H
A1C – 8.3

On top of all of that my body weight has gone up to 196 freaking pounds.

The bad thing is that we still have another 2 months of rain heading our way. Yes, it’s time to start making some major life decisions. Late Spring will arrive here and give it’s way into Summer. I will spend a lot of time in the great outdoors and will forget all about 8 months of a rainy season that past before me. But the question is can I actually survive another one?

It is just the process of the lack of sunshine that takes away my ambitions of staying healthy. Although rain has it’s place in the world it seems daunting to actually realize that it just doesn’t stop in this part of the globe. Between dark and grey I find myself clinging to comfort foods and alcohol just trying to find some simple comfort that will ease my constant blues.

A new found career here holds me nestled in days of working outside and coming home cold and wet each day while the job itself excites me and gives me hope that I am on the right path. Many people who are native to the area simply understand that when it rains, you get wet. If you don’t go out in the rain you will never go out. I don’t know if I can adapt to those notions and while many say they love living here I do question why. Even the native Indians who lived in this region migrated each year as it approached rainy season.

The cities here are well equipped with all of the amenities for the handicapped and now I understand why. I don’t believe I have seen so many people starting in their 50’s in wheelchairs or the assistance of walkers in any other place in the country the way I see it here. Is it the lack of sunshine that brittles the bones? I don’t know, but what I do know is that I can longer stay on the same path and must find a way to find my way back to good health.

I forced myself out into the garage this morning dress warmly and walked just a half of a mile. It’s not much, but it is a start. I have to dig my way out of this dark place and start making the workout “Mandatory” each day no matter what. I must turn away from the carbohydrates and sugars which are poisoning my body each day and once again turn to the healthy meats and vegetables which sustain both my body and my mind. I will make those changes and take all of the baby steps once again to regain what is rightfully mine. My Health.

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Finally Found Some Inspiration

Several weeks ago I started hitting the treadmill after so many lazy months of winter. That lasted about a week, I went to Palm Springs and replaced the workouts with hiking and when I returned I just let the week pass without any efforts at all.

The last three days have shown improvement as I have been doing small 20 minute workouts each morning alternating each day between cardio and strength training. I have to tell you that I am feeling pretty beat up right now but as I recall this the same way I felt each time I restarted a workout program after a long period without it.

It is difficult to remember a day here where it is not raining or the skies are just grey. Although I do love living in the Pacific Northwest I have to tell you that at times it becomes rough with these long winters.

My blood sugar has been increasingly going up and it was due to this fact that I found the inspiration to find my way back. It is high time I get back on track and not allow my body to create this toxic environment within me that could soon kill me. No, I will not allow it! I will fight each day to push myself to drive this sugar from my blood stream and drop the 20 pounds of fat that I put on over the last 5 months. My diet will be pure and not include all the processed crap that I have been eating.

I will develop a plan to provide positive light and heat in my garage where my gym is set up so even though it is grey, damp and wet outside I will look forward to finding comfort in my workout area each winter.

Day Date Weight Blood Sugar Routine
Sunday 2/19/17 193.8 193 Cardio
Distance 1.1
Calories Burned
Day Date Weight Blood Sugar Routine
Monday 2/20/17 195.3 213 Bowflex
CHEST Weight Reps #1 Reps #2
Bench Press 100/100 12 16
Incline Press 100/100 12 10
Decline Press 100/100 12 10
Fly’s 50/50 12 10
Day Date Weight Blood Sugar Routine
Tuesday 2/21/17 194 176 Cardio
Distance 1.13
Time 20:00
Calories Burned 114.6
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Searching for Simple Inspiration

I heard it once said that life is just about as complicated as you want it to be. With that I believe that it can be just about as simple as you want it to be.


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Tahquitz Canyon, Palm Springs

I know that I’ve been doing a lot more picture posting than writing lately, but there is just so much to see here in Palm Springs and I am trying not to miss a thing. Our hike through Tahquitz Canyon was very hot and dry but lead us to an amazing waterfall at the end. It’s hard to believe this jewel is in the middle of a desert.

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Ah, the end to a peaceful day

A calm day in the desert comes to a peaceful rest over the strip at Palm Springs.

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Indian Canyons, Palm Springs CA

It has been way too long since I’ve walked a distance in the peace and calm of nature. Indian Canyons was an experience of a lifetime and rather than write about it I believe that the best way to share my feeling are through photo’s. Enjoy

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A Quiet Walk along the Avenues of Palm Springs

Overcast skies and the threat of rain left us local to our hotel as we simply took in some of the culture with simple walks down the avenues of Palm Springs. The days on the avenues are built for people who spend money as the shops were quite unique in the items they carried along with the cost. Restaurants of quality serving foods that make your eyes water they are so good seem to going on for an eternity. I didn’t notice one fast food restaurant anywhere in sight. The nights on the avenues offer the delight of those seeking to stop and have a beer, mixed drink or local wine as the night life swings into action.

For us the simple action of observation was enough though we absolutely did stop for lunch. My camera finally saw some action as was intrigued by many of the sights we took in along the way. I am not one to be to acquainted with the arts but couldn’t stop trying to read the names on the stars on the sidewalk.

Today should bring about some much needed sunshine and we will make plans to get out and see a little more of the nature of the area.

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Super first day in Palm Springs

palm-springs-header-photo-renaissance-esmeraldaHaving just landed in Palm Springs yesterday afternoon after a nice two hour flight aboard an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737, picking up our rental car from Alamo and settling into our room at the Hyatt I am finding that our decision to use Expedia for booking was a successful one. I just read what I wrote and sound like a freaking commercial. LOL

With one of the worst winters in Oregon’s history of lately we both found it necessary to get a way and charge up with some sunshine. Sometime you just have to get away.

We made it just in time to see the opening kick-off and decided to walk across the street to a bar and pizza joint called NYPD. I ordered a 805 on tap and watched as the Atlanta Falcons danced all over the New England Patriots. I finished my beer and we drove up the street to the local liquor store to grab two six packs and head back to our room to watch the rest of the game. We made it as far as watching Lady Gaga’s incredible performance at halftime then decided that the game was a total blow out. So off we went to a restaurant called Jus Tapas and had a lovely dinner. The great thing about it was that we were the only ones in the restaurant. I suppose that the rest of the world was busy watching the second half of the game. We finished up dinner and headed back to the hotel where I had the opportunity to witness the greatest come back in Super Bowl history.

Day #1 was totally awesome and I can’t wait to figure out what today will bring. This is one of those vacations where we have no agenda. We get up when we want to and take our time figuring out what we would like to do today. We have learned that some of best vacations are the one’s where we simply “wing it” each day. We eat when we feel hungry and sleep when we feel tired. Our whole lives are built around a schedule and we certainly do not want to have one on vacation. The one thing I really look forward to is just walking around the town. It has been raining in the Portland area of Oregon for the last 5 months and sometimes I wonder why I even live there.

I would love to hear suggestions from anyone who has spent some time in Palm Springs and your experiences.

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Minimalist Tax Season

tax_seasonIt’s TAX SEASON! Woo Hoo! Nothing brings more joy to my heart than sitting down surrounded by documents, numbers and figures and rules that govern all of them. (NOT) After just a few weeks of all of these small sessions of number crushing I believe I have reached a point where I can say I am done. I have reviewed each item from beginning to end several times and can find no additional need to add another thing. Yet, I will sit back and wait until just before April 18th to file my taxes. Just for the record I am a TurboTax type of tax filer probably because I find it so much easier to simply take complete control of all of these number rather than trying to dictate them to a tax service who is basically doing the same thing I am doing, filling in data on a computer.

One of the things I do each year is to create folders on my computer and label them accordingly. I have folders for just about everything. Each time I receive a receipt or bill document I scan them with my iPhone with an app called Scanner Pro. It converts my scans into pdf format and sends them to dropbox. I find them in dropbox on my computer and rename them accordingly and drop them into the folders that I created. All of these folders are backed up to the cloud of my outlook account and saved for tax season.

This system of organization started when I decided that I wanted to rid myself of the filing cabinet that always seemed to grow out of control. I spent months scanning each and every important document and shredded anything of little value. After I scanned these documents, renamed them and placed them in folders I shredded them as well.

Through this process I learned the value of scanned and organized documents last year while doing my taxes. I could find just about anything I needed without leaving my desk. Another advantage I found was that if I needed to share a document with someone else like an insurance company I could find and email the document right from my cell phone. My documents are safe and secure on my laptop and backed up to the cloud so I never have to lose any of them because of a fire or flood.

I loved this process so much that soon I was scanning all of my old photographs and saving them too. As pictures are larger files than documents I elected to save them to a 256 gig thumb drive and also backing them up to the cloud of my google account.

This will be another year where I will be sending our Federal Government and State of Oregon additional money to cover the taxes that I am obligated to pay, but I already knew this was going to happen. Rather than send extra money in each paycheck I elect to simply place this amount of money in a savings account. When taxes are due each year I simply transfer the amount I put away into my checking account and pay my taxes.

This is my answer to simplification of TAX SEASON. Yea I know, it’s a lot of work but it actually becomes easier the more you do it. As I collect receipts from purchases or documents that come in the mail I place them in a folder. Every Saturday morning I spend a little time scanning, renaming and saving them. Many of my accounts I have elected to go paperless and have the ability to download the pdf file right from the source. This too makes life a little easier.

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