11-25-14 – Tuesday – A glance at Simple Living Over 50

I know that I write way too much about my own personal practices and techniques I use to beat type II diabetes and not enough about other things that make my life simple and stress free. Being over the age of 50 brings about so many other challenges besides personal health and I know I need to start writing more about these subjects. Living a simple life is so much more than just eating paleo and working out each day. It’s about reducing all of the clutter in your life and living a life of balance and simplicity. It’s about the precious time we have, not the stuff we own. Family and friends and the conversations we share, and time we spend together are the priceless items in our lives that are most important. It’s about the practice of becoming and staying debt free and all we do to make this happen. It’s about love and compassion. It’s not about what we do for a living, it’s about what living does for us.

Here in America if we live long enough one day we will start drawing a check from our Social Security fund that we pain into with each paycheck throughout our lives. This along with whatever pensions or retirement plans that we created and paid into over the years. But is it enough? Will we still be in debt and have a mortgage, or will we be debt free and able to enjoy our golden years. As is stands too many have squandered away every penny they have earned throughout their lives. I look at this and see the pain and frustration in the eyes of too many who have reached this stage in their lives. I have made the decision that this is not what I want for my own life and am making all of the positive changes now at the age of 53 to create a life for myself and my wife where we will not have the same worries that most seniors have today.

I am going to start concentrating more on writing about these subjects and so much more. My daily type II diabetes and workout routines will remain on the site, but will be turned into a weekly post. This will not only be less bearing on my readers, but also allow me the time to concentrate on producing good posts on important subjects that are well researched.

3:00 AM – Blood Sugar 97, Weight – 172.8
I did not track my walking today other than knowing that I walked for 30 minutes.

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11-24-14 – Monday – A day of healing

Today I have reached a day where I feel my body calling for rest. I have pushing it pretty hard for the last 7 days or so and it is time once again to take it down. All my energies will be centered around healing as I am mindful of the importance of doing so. Despite the fact that I have been eating very wisely I can see my body weight going up once again. The muscles that I have been working so hard need time to heal and demanding that they continue to work will only lead to injury.

This is one of the benefits of living the paleo lifestyle. Understanding that man was meant to not only work hard, but also rest, play and enjoy life often.

3:00 AM – Blood Sugar – 94, Weight – 171.8

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11-23-14 – Sunday – Learning the process

It’s good to see that things are back to normal today with my blood sugar at 81. My weight is up slightly, but I did do resistance exercises for two days in a row. Ripping and tearing muscles does cause inflammation due to the body sending white blood cells to that part of the area that needs repair. This inflammation creates a situation where the body retains water and thus makes increased body weight. This whole process also sends glucose to the muscles for storage of energy. In the mean time, doing cardio exercise and eating a low carbohydrate diet will cause the body to find needed energy from stored fat. Repeating this whole process over and over again leads to better overall fitness and also lower blood sugar levels.

I believe that I am working with a good routine and diet. The only change I see making in the future is moving into working a crossfit routine where I am working more muscle groups in a single workout while getting the benefits of cardio. But for right now the isolated resistance exercises are working for me on the bowflex in my garage along with cardio being performed on my treadmill. As long as it is working I can’t see making any changes right now. There may be a time where I peak out on this routine, but for right now I am OK.

3:30 AM – Blood Sugar – 81, Weight – 171.0
Treadmill – Distance- 3.78 miles, Time- 1 hour and 1 minute, Calories- 415.6

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11-22-14 – Saturday – NO BURRITOS

I am a little upset with myself for what I decided to eat for dinner last night. Getting home late was cause for trying to figure out what to eat for dinner. I took a ride to the local supermarket to purchase something I could eat. I had a cooked roaster chicken in my hand and put it back opting for a couple of beef and cheese burritos at a fast food restaurant. Sharon wanted a burger and fries and it was so easy for me to give in to simply purchasing something from the same place. Well folks, I screwed up. My blood sugar proved it this morning as it has risen once again to over 100.

I am not only upset about the excess carbs I put in my body, I also upset that I put things in my body that I cannot identify. Who knows what chemicals are in those burritos, and how long will it take my body to rid itself of this poison. I know I am being very hard on myself for making this mistake, but I set out to do the right thing and was mindful of what I was doing. I didn’t follow through with purchasing the chicken and let myself weaken to the desires of my taste buds. And sad thing is that they tasted like crap.

3:30 AM – Blood Sugar – 101, Weight – 170.6
Treadmill – Distance- 4 miles, Time- 1 hour, Calories- 458.9
Bowflex – ARMS – Biceps
Curls – 60/60- 15, 19, 17
Hammer Curls – 50/50- 12, 13, 12
Situps – 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20 – 120

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Sugar and Disease – Coincidence or Reality? By Ruth Buttigieg


Excellent simple explanation of what sugar really is. Thumbs Up!

Originally posted on Diabetes Diet:

17616-sugar-lips-pvOver the past few year, sugar has been a main focus of media outlets. There have been TV programmes dedicated to debating the positives and negatives of sugar. However, rather than shedding some light on the topic, they have added to the confusion.

So, how does sugar impact our overall health?

Unfortunately, the terms sugar and carbohydrates are often used interchangeably and thus create more confusion than needs be. To clarify, in food science, sugars can be either simple (examples such as glucose and fructose) or complex (such as lactose, starch & dietary fibre) carbohydrates.

Granulated sugar on the other hand, is made up of sucrose – a complex carbohydrate molecule consisting of glucose and fructose in a 1:1 ratio).

Carbohydrate Metabolism

Carbohydrate digestion starts in the mouth through salivary action, however, the majority of digestion happens in the intestine through the action of a series of enzymes.  This degradation…

View original 544 more words

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11-21-14 – Friday – Another piece in the puzzle

Another Piece of the Puzzle
Today I am taking yet another leap towards financial independence. We are scheduled to close today on the refinance with our local credit union. We are taking what is left of 29 years of monthly payments and reducing it down to 15 years. The interest rate will be going from 4.7% down to 3.1%, and paying 198.00 each month for mortgage insurance will be a thing of the past. This deal did require us to pay down the balance of the loan an additional 5,500.00 and it cost several thousand in cost to do the loan, but in the grand scheme of things will be saving greatly.

I have taken off of work today to get everything prepared for the signing of these documents today. Going through this process many times before I have learned that their is a certain amount of stress when dealing with any financial institution and it is well worth losing a days pay to help reduce this stress.

After this transaction is complete I can take a better look at the option of paying of the last two balances of debt owed. It would be wonderful to start out a new year with “No Debt”, other than the new 15 year mortgage.

Financial freedom begins when you have no debt and pay no interest to any one person or institution. This is the ultimate goal, and to declare complete independence in retirement is to live this way with personal finances. This is what I am working towards.

Today I am breaking back into a resistance routine with just working my triceps. I am feeling no pain at all in my right shoulder and I feel that the time is right. I will save the bicep part of this routine for tomorrow. As mentioned in earlier posts, I have decided to reduce the weight on many of the routines down to safe level that would prevent any type of injury. I will work each rep of each set slow and steady making sure to take the last rep to it’s limit.

3:30 AM – Blood Sugar – 89, Weight – 170.4
Bowflex – ARMS – TRICEPS
Tricep Pulldown – 60/60- 13, 14, 10
Dips – 155/155- 15, 16, 16

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11-20-14 – Thursday – An Ounce of Prevention

The inflammation that I was suffering from yesterday is gone today. My morning glucose reading is back down in the 70’s and weight dropped below 170 once again. Today I will go back to the treadmill and stay there for another 4 days. This will allow additional time for the shoulder to heal before I put a heavy demand on it. I think that I must reduce the resistance weight on those weight bearing exercise once I do get back to prevent further injury. Of course I will baby step the weight back up progressively, but try not to overdue it and always give my body ample time to properly heal. The fact that my shoulder is having problems affects all other weight bearing exercises except for legs and abs.

The bottom line here is that it is possible to get healthy through proper exercise without injury. There is no doubt that there is always the possibility of getting injured with any type of exercise program, being it preparing for a marathon or just trying to beat the shit out diabetes at the age of 53, but it is through the practice of prevention that will carefully get me through.

Oh, those voices that call out during the workout shouting, “One more rep”, opposed only by, “Be Careful, take it easy”. The ego is so quickly respondent to the first of those voices. Remaining always mindful both before the routine and during that it is injury, and lack of proper rest that stifle the mission of slowly moving into an area of good health. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

3:30 AM – Blood Sugar – 78, Weight – 169.8
Treadmill – Distance- 4.0 miles, Time- 57:41, Calories- 476.9

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11-19-14 – Wednesday – Inflammation

So yesterday I noticed inflammation in my body. I don’t know if it was just a great retention of water or a reaction to food. After lunch yesterday the veins in my arms appeared more visible than normal. Being that I spent the last 4 days working on the treadmill with a walking routine I knew this was not from heavy lifting. It could just be a sign that I need a day off, or it could be my body’s response to eating pork for lunch. Because of the sodium in pork or ham I have always noticed an increased thirst for water. I believe that is what is going on. I also noticed that despite all of the calorie burning I have been doing each day, this morning my weight was a bit higher than the day before.

I am also recognizing that I should take a day off after 3 straight days of exercise. It doesn’t matter if it is cardio or strength training, I believe it is a matter of my body calling for a break. I don’t know this for a fact, but I highly suspect that most heart attacks take place during these times of inflammation. I also suspect that it is this inflammation that brings about a great many other medical problems if gone unchecked.

3:00 AM – Blood Sugar – 85, Weight – 171.2
(Started Shoulder routine this morning but quickly abandoned when I noticed that my right shoulder is still not completely healed as I felt acute signs of pain with shoulder raises)
Situps – 20, 20, 20 = 60

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11-18-14 – Tuesday – Being Human and T2D

It is too often accepted amongst our culture that medication is the correct answer to addressing the physical disorder of Type II Diabetes. Systematically the blood needs to be ridden of excess sugar for by keeping there causes great damage to the body. Medication or insulin is the first step in helping the body correct this dangerous situation. But medication alone is not the total solution. The individual must understand the totality of exactly what is going on inside his/her own body. The must understand, learn and figure out exactly what it was that caused this problem and what personal choices they must take to live with T2D.

T2D is a permanent ailment and once the damage is done cannot be reversed, but there are steps that need to be taken to ensure that the individual can live a long healthy life. I hear these words too often spoken by our medical community, “Diet and Exercise”. I say that it is not diet and exercise that will help, but a whole new lifestyle change needs to be adopted. A lifestyle that of minimal stress, frequent activity and eating whole foods of grass fed beef and fresh non GMO vegetables. A lifestyle where good healthy fats replace sugar and carbohydrates as a source for energy. A lifestyle where ample time is spent in the comforts of nature where the sun shines brightly upon you face and the grass grows softly under your feet. A lifestyle where standing, walking and on occasions activities of physical strength and endurance will provide the individual with all the necessary exercise they need to allow their bodies to function correctly. A lifestyle where it is possible to enjoy the peace and quiet of 8 hours of slumber sleep each night to refresh and regenerate the body and mind.

It is time for the individual to adopt a lifestyle that of a human being.

4:00 AM – Blood Sugar – 79, Weight – 170.8
Treadmill – Distance – 4.01 miles, Time- 1 hr 1 min, Calories- 457.4

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11-17-14 – Monday – Keep Walking

I make it through another weekend and this time I nailed it. I stayed on track with the exercise and diet and I love the results. Today I will continue my morning walking routine and am coming around to believe that this is a routine I should be doing each day. I am going to try to figure out how to start working on the bowflex after work. It seems that I lately I have more energy after work.

It is the routine of walking each day that I want to get more aggressive about. Since I picked up the pace again of doing it at least 5 days a week my blood sugar levels have gone way down and I have been able to cut my medication in half. Could you imagine your primary physician actually prescribing a set amount of walking each day? I believe that someday we just may see this happen. There is no denying the positive results.

4:00 AM – Blood Sugar – 84, Weight – 170.6
Treadmill – Distance- 4 miles, Time- 1 hour, Calories- 460.0

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