Raging Like a Beast

So I have decided to stop carrying around and notebook and writing down everything I eat all day. It really is becoming a pain in the ass and to honest with you I haven’t changed my eating habits because I am accountable to a notebook. The truth is I am always accountable to myself. Of course I will continue to track my workouts, meal plans for the day, morning fasting glucose readings and weight as always, but for now on the notebook stays at home.

I know, I rant about conducting experiments about myself all of the time and one of the processes with any type of experimentation is tracking everything, but it really is getting to be too much. This whole mission is supposed to be a labor of love and not a chore. All I have to do is get in a good workout, eat from the earth, sleep well and avoid stress. This combination alone should get me where I want to be and it doesn’t take carrying around a notebook all day to get it done.

download-441I think that I might be getting a little edgy because I am raging from all of these intense workouts. I seem to get a little more angry at things I don’t normally get angry with and I am constantly thinking about sex. I think that the intensity of strong, insane workouts is stirring up and releasing hormones throughout my body and I may have just discovered the fountain of youth. I actually wake up in the morning with a strong yearning inside me to lift heavy weight as I look forward to it each day. It seems that I have unleashed the primal beast that lives inside me and it feels really good. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (evil grin). Within each of us lives a beast. Do you dare let yours out?

Blood Sugar- 121, Weight- 181.2
Bowflex- BACK
Rows- 155/155- 25, 28, 27
Pulldowns- 155/155- 24, 30, 30
Reverse Flys- 60/60- 20, 20, 18

4:00 AM- Banana, Coffee
5:30 AM- Protein Shake
6:30 AM- Cottage Cheese, Blueberries
9:30 AM- Protein Shake
12:30 PM- Steak, Mushrooms, Broccoli, Salad
6:30 PM- Pork, Asparagus, Salad

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7-1-15 Wednesday Daily Activity Report

7-1-15 Wednesday, BS- 116, Weight- 182.6
4:00 AM- Banana, Coffee

4:30 AM- Bowflex- LEGS & ABS
Squats- 155/155- 20, 21, 18
Calf Raises- 155/155- 19, 24, 25
Situps- 25, 25, 20

5:30 AM- Protein Shake
9:30 AM- Cottage Cheese, Peaches, Blueberries
11:30 AM- PB&J on Gluten Free Bread
12:30 PM- 1/2 Grass Fed Burger, Squash
6:30 PM- Steak, Broccoli, Mushrooms

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Contact me by Email

I just updated my site to include my email address. If anyone wants to contact me offline my email address is: SimpleLivingOver50@gmail.com

Sometimes it’s nice to share conversations outside the perimeter of our blogs.


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Guess What Day it Is?









Dont go there Billy, Don’t go there… Oh, he went there!

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6-30-15 – Tuesday Daily Activity Report

So I make through yet another day of doing this crazy routine of maximized heavy lifting and protein fueling. My numbers are up again and now I know that it has more to do with retained water weight than anything else. Yes, inflammation. I have two more days of this three week journey then I will be doing nothing but brisk walks for a week in Tampa Florida. I am sure that I will see both my body weight and blood sugar go down.

6-30-15 Tuesday, Blood Sugar- 104, Weight- 182.2
Sleep 8:30 PM – 3:30 AM – 7 Hours
3:45 AM- Banana, Coffee

Bowflex- ARMS
Curls- 95/95- 20, 18, 20
Hammer Curls- 75/75- 19, 17, 18
Tricep Pulldown- 85/85- 20, 20, 19
Dips- 155/155- 32, 38, 31

5:45 AM- Protein Shake
6:30 AM- Cottage Cheese, Peaches
9:30 AM- Protein Shake
12:30 PM- Tuna Salad Sandwich, Salad
7:00 PM- Cheeseburger, Grilled Squash

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Originally posted on Wael's World:

Success is waking up in the morning and bounding out of bed because there’s something out there that you love to do, that you believe in, that you’re good at – something that’s bigger than you are, and you can hardly wait to get at it again.

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Strength Training Morning Mantra

inner-strength-21This morning is one of those mornings where I really don’t want to think too much. It is hot and so am I. My body is on fire for a good strong workout and all I can feel right now is a feeling of strength. I just want to rip and tear muscle to the point of pain.

With each routine I do this morning I can feel the rush of my blood pounding through my veins and filling my working muscles with heat and nourishment. Any sugar which remains in my blood stream is being depleted and deposited into muscle fibers as my energy levels slowly decreases throughout my session, and yet I pound on.

I think to myself, yes, this is they way I should be working out each time I pick up a heavy weight. I am strong and fierce, I am alive. I am a man on fire with deep primal urges to overpower my enemy, which in this case is the heavy weight I am lifting. I am strong today. The sweat pours off of my skin and flows down to cool my body. I stand tall, strong and hard as the mighty oak tree bearing the forces of a powerful storm. I AM MAN!

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6-29-15 – Monday Daily Activity Report

So as I look at yesterdays daily activity report I am totally disgusted at what I see. Despite the fact that I had an excellent workout, by diet was less than desirable. I am looking at two times later in the day that I ate some type of cake and skipped dinner. In the morning I ingested too much protein where it should have been spread out a little more. This whole day led to my numbers this morning where my blood sugar was 104, which really isn’t too bad given all of the sugar and excess carbs I put into my body. My body weight this morning went up to 182.2. I know that I am building muscle incredibly fast as my training sessions are increasing at astonishing rates and this is packing on the pounds, I know that my belt size is also increasing and getting to be pretty uncomfortable. With the increased muscle gain there is also an increase in retained water and it may be this water weight that is making the belt tighter. We will see what happens next week during my week off of weight training.

6-29-15 – Monday Daily Activity Report
Blood Sugar- 112, Weight- 180.6
Sleep- 8:30 PM – 3:30 AM, 7 Hours
3:45 AM- Oatmeal, Banana, Coffee

4:15 Bowflex- CHEST
Bench Press- 310- 31, 27, 33
Incline Press- 310- 23, 26, 24
Decline Press- 310- 30, 30, 25
Flys- 90/90- 22, 25, 20

5:30 AM- Protein Shake
6:30 AM- Cottage Cheese, Peaches
8:30 AM – Protein Shake
9:00 AM- 3 Strawberries
12:30 PM- Chicken, Eggplant, Rice
3:00 PM- Chocolate Muffin
6:00 PM- 4 bottles of beer
7:30 PM- Strawberry Shortcake

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Diabetes Learning Curve and “All about Moi”


Excellent post. I feel the same way you do. I have been battling with it for several years now and the good new is that I am winning! Woo Hoo.

Originally posted on 5-6-7-8 Dancing My Way to a Healthy Me!:

Confession time…

Happpy Camper!

I know this is going to sound weird…  I am actually relieved to find out I have diabetes.  Why? Because now I know that it wasn’t “just a lack of will power,” there is a real medical reason which explains the way I’ve been feeling.

I wasn’t imagining it:  I really was fighting against my own body in my attempts to improve my fitness.

I will also admit that I’ve arrived at this point, in part, because of some bad lifestyle choices and in part because of a genetic predisposition.  Everyone in my immediate family is large.  Except one skinny brother which none of us can quite figure out why he’s the lucky one.  sigh

I’m relieved because now I know that it is going to be easier from this point forward.  Things are going to get better.  As soon as the meds start doing what they are…

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Getting the Diet on Track and Accountability

Accountability-words-10-24-1024x409I am noticing that with the little changes I made with my daily diet I am feeling much more nourished than before. Eating a little bit of gluten free oatmeal and a piece of fruit 30 minutes prior to my workout, while taking in protein during is making a world of difference in my progress. I am blowing past all previous workouts with much higher reps and heavier weight. Just after the workout within 2 hours I will fuel up again with protein by eating eggs or cottage cheese. This little cycle will keep me satisfied all the way to lunch.

So I pretty much feel that I have the morning section of my day figured out, but it is the later part of the day I always have problems with. Lunch time must consist of a salad which contains as my varieties of vegetables I can get in it along with some type of protein like tuna, beef, turkey, chicken, or hard boiled eggs. I would love to add another carbohydrate food to the mix but when I do I always find myself feeling groggy an hour later.

On the other hand dinner can include a carbohydrate along with meat and a vegetable because carbohydrates are needed to get a good nights sleep.

These two later meals are the one’s I must start to figure out. With the tough workout will I need additional protein during the day? Will I need to get a little more carbs into my diet during the day to keep up brain function? Can I maintain fat burning while eating additional carbohydrates each day? And most importantly what changes will occur to my blood sugar while taking in a little more carbs? All these things I must play with to get the whole diet on track.

I will right everything down that I eat in a food journal and review each day like a scientist. I will learn from my mistakes and gain from the things I do correctly. It is all about accountability and I must be accountable for every piece of food I put in my body and be able to justify the reason I ate it.

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