09-02-14 – Tuesday – I’m Back

After taking a week off I found myself with soar legs this morning. I decided not to push the treadmill, and instead work on my arms. The weight certainly feels a lot heavier than it did before I took the week off and I am just pushing through a quick welcome back routine. Of course I am still taking the last rep to the limit and I know that I will feel it in the morning.

I can’t tell you how good it feels to be back working out again. It is great to take some time off now and again, but the body wants what the body wants. And of course eliminating fat from the body is key to staying on top of diabetes. It really is just a matter of getting into the groove of doing it each day until you reach a point where you need to rest, then doing it all over again. It doesn’t happen overnight, but with patience and time I know I will reach a point where I can say that I am only carrying 13% body fat. I will be able to tell by my waist size. When it reaches a point of where it was when I was is my best physical condition, then I will know that I have landed.

The larger the muscle gets, the more fat the body burns. After a good resistance routine the body will continue to burn fat up to 36 hours as the muscles rebuild themselves. So why do I do cardio you may ask? Well cardio gets the heart rate up and speeds up the body’s metabolism to work faster and more efficiently. So it is the combination of both that creates the opportunity for the body to reach it’s peak form. It is also the increased volume of oxygen entering the through the lungs to the bloodstream that nourishes the all of the systems of the body that keep it all healthy. Then of course food balance and water intake are the vital throughout this whole process. I try to stay as close as I can to natural food and avoid anything processed along with at least an half gallon of water each day. Many experts say that you should double your weight with grams of protein each day for the ultimate muscle growth. I say that 70 grams of protein each day is the minimum with 100 being the maximum. The protein should be broken down into small timed meals. For example 100 grams of protein = 10 grams each hour for 10 hours. So if a protein bar has 20 grams of protein, then eat half the bar at 8:00 AM and the other half at 9:00 AM. This goes the same for other things like nuts or meat. Never over consume anything at one sitting. Rather break it down into smaller meals during the course of the day to insure that the body has a constant flow of nutrition.

So anyway, I’m Back. I welcome the challenges that lie ahead and the pain in each exercise I perform. Yes, I am back.

4:00 AM – Blood Sugar – 111, Weight – 174.6
4:30 AM – Bowflex – ARMS
Tricep Pulldown – 85/85- 12, 8, 11
Dips – 155/155- 24, 20, 22
Curls – 95/95- 12, 11, 9
Hammer Curls – 65/65- 12, 15, 14

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09-01-14 – Monday – Labor Day – The Day After the Long Rest

"Well Rested"

“Well Rested”

I am back up on the horse once again and feeling great. I moved on that treadmill for and hour with very little effort. I am going to spend this whole week on the treadmill and see if I can burn some fat that could possibly take me down to under 170 lbs. This has been a goal for some time now, but with the muscle gain I have yet to achieve it. Of course after a week I will return to the bowflex routine, but just for this week I am concentrating on burning fat.

The week of rest really did me good. My diabetes morning tests did fluctuate do to not exercising, eat bad on occasions and forgetting to take meds, but all in all I was happy with where I was. My weight didn’t change much which really surprised me. I was figuring on gaining a few pounds.

Today is Labor Day and I am happy to have the day off. After the trip there is so much stuff to catch up on like laundry and food shopping. I have to give some time to the gardens. With 4 days of no water they actually did pretty good. The lawn survived well also. It looks like I have another large bunch of little tomato’s to pick and they may taste pretty good later in a salad.

5:00 AM – Blood Sugar – 121, Weight – 174.8
6:15 AM – Treadmill – Distance- 4.17, Time- 1hr, Calories- 562.3, Weight- 173.8

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Rocky Mountain High

8-28-14 – Thursday
2:30 AM – Blood Sugar – 103, Weight – 174.2
We flew to Denver airport today to meet up with Sharon’s Dad and girlfriend. Our goal is to get together with Sharons brother Greg and his wife Pearl. Everything went according to plan and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. We landed 15 minutes early, and by the time we picked up the rental vehicle and made it back to the airport, Pop and Rosemary had landed from New Jersey, picked up their luggage and were waiting out in front of the airport for us.

Greg and Pearl met us for breakfast just off of 1-25. We all sat and chatted for a while as we at a hearty breakfast and headed back to Greg’s house. Greg has a beautiful home and is an avid train enthusiast and I enjoyed seeing his collection of train memorabilia and listening to his history stories of the old trains in America. We went and checked in to our hotel rooms and headed back to Greg and Pearl’s for dinner and beer, and of course some more wonderful conversation. We headed back to the Marriott and turned in early as we were all tired from the travel. Tomorrow we will head out to a small town called Estes and then the Rocky Mountain National Park.

8-29-14 – Friday
6:00 AM – Blood Sugar – 121
I will be combining the days that we are on vacation and will publish this completely on Sunday so I can add some pictures that I have taken. As scheduled I will not be working out and do not have access to a scale to monitor my weight each day. It should prove interesting by Monday morning when I start back up on a workout routine. I truly believe that taking this week off will be to a great benefit in the end and if proven true I may incorporate something like it quarterly.

Our trip to Estes and the Rocky Mountain National Park was breathtaking. We made it up to almost 12,000 feet above sea level. The air was thin and caused a little lightheaded feelings, but the views were just incredible.

8-30-14 – Saturday
6:00 AM – Blood Sugar – 145
I can see my blood sugar rising to a point that is not comfortable. I ate a little bread with dinner last night and an oatmeal cookie. I am not drinking enough water. Despite the fact that I am in an incredible environment I am certainly out of my element. I will try a little harder to eat the correct foods and keep everything in balance. When traveling with other people I find myself having to compromise when eat comes to places to eat. I know it is only a temporary situation and I am making the best of it.

8-31-14 Sunday
5:00 AM – Blood Sugar – 114
Today is the final day of the Colorado trip as we will be flying back to Oregon this afternoon. We spent the bulk of the day just hanging out at Greg’s. Evan and Cody, who are Sharon’s nephew’s, stopped by with their kids. It was a fun day as the kids got to spend time with their Great Grandfather.
Image1Pearl prepared a wonderful brunch, and the weather was perfect as we spend most of the day sitting outside.

This morning after breakfast we all got together and headed off to a small town called Lions. We walked around a little and visited a few small shops that were open. Lions is more of a tourist town, but because it is Sunday we really didn’t get to see much. We had lunch at a Soda Shop which was probably not the best place to eat lunch.

IMG_20140831_105722_866 After lunch we headed back to Denver Airport to return our rental car and fly back to Oregon. We ended up sitting around a lot of kids who I believe just consumed a bounty of candy before getting on the plane. I don’t need to say more. Thank God it was only a two and half hour flight.

All in all it was a great trip spent with loved ones and we are grateful we had this opportunity to enjoy the company of family and spent time in the Rocky Mountains.

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08-27-14 – Wednesday – Just Thinking

So another day without a workout and I am still making it. Yesterday I had so much energy at work it was ridiculous. I believe that it will only take a week to reset and be ready to hit the treadmill once again. My weight is going up slightly each day, but nothing to alarmed at. The key here is to learn to take it down, relax and just enjoy life.

I have been thinking a lot about my upcoming project of square foot gardening. Having the ability to grow my own organic produce will be a delight next year. I may even start taking some gardening classes this winter to learn more about growing in the Pacific Northwest. I have also thinking about reducing my workout week to just 3 days per week. I am very proud of what I have accomplished so far as to getting into shape, but lately I have been thinking that I may be overdoing it. There have been signs that I must question as to whether it is just aging or is directly related to my workout patterns. I have noticed that I have been getting pimples on my body in the area’s that I just worked, and my libido was decreased slightly. I will speak with my doctor next week about these issues. I have also thinking a great deal about the plant based diet and going back in that direction.

Although I have striven for years to live each moment of my life in the now, I know that I struggle. I believe I need to find more time for meditation. I think that I will start steering my reading time more towards reading about the subject. I think I am going to stop dictating my diet on this blog, and just start eating consciously each day. I know what I can eat and when to eat, so there really is no need to write these things down.

Blood Sugar – 105, Weight – 174.8

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08-26-14 – Tuesday

It is going to be interesting watching my numbers over the next week without the daily workout. I believe that they will confirm that the daily workout is one of the key factors in keeping the type II diabetes in check. Yesterday I did continue the protein supplements only because I worked out the day prior and still have muscle demand for protein. But today and all the way up to next Monday I will leave them out of the diet.

I can feel my chest and arms calling to me to workout. It is a funny feeling like my body expecting to hammer out another challenging routine, and it is hard not to do it. I am not only giving my body the rest it needs, I am also breaking a cycle. When I return to the workouts it will feel difficult once again like it did months ago.

4:00 AM – Blood Sugar – 119, Weight – 174.6
6:30 AM – Cottage Cheese, Blueberries, Strawberries
6:40 AM – Meds
8:30 AM – Banana, Oatmeal, Yogurt
12:30 AM – Soup and Salad
6:30 PM – Scallops, Tomatoes
6:40 PM – Meds

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What is Sustainability?


Great post Jessica.

Originally posted on Jessica's Wanderlust:


We live in a world of excessive consumption, unnecessary production, that is completely full of man-made waste. Currently we are taking more resources from the earth each year than she is able to reproduce which means that sustainability has never been so important as is it right now.

So what does sustainability really mean?

The dictionary defines sustainability as the ability to be sustained, supported, upheld, or confirmed. In environmental science sustainability refers to the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance.

It’s currently estimated that 50,000 different plant and animal species will become extinct in the next decade – the destruction is so relentless that 60,000 plant species could be lost by 2025! Just to put that into perspective for you that is 25% of the worlds total plant life. Just imagine the effect that will have on…

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Paralyzed By Doubt? 5 Ways To Live A Life You Love

Originally posted on Our Better Health:


Fear and doubt are sneaky. They’re forms of energy constantly attempting to capture your attention. The thing is, what we focus on is what we grow. So if you want to change your environment, your career, your relationship, your approach to abundance — if you’re looking to transcend your current circumstances and rise to the next level — here are a few tips to help you do so.

1. Practice radical belief.

Along this path of life, we often encounter challenges and hardships. We’re meant to experience contrast. Contrast helps us determine our preferences. Without it, we would be lost. But often, instead of using contrast as inspiration, we attach things to it. We make decisions because of our experiences and decide that we aren’t worthy of our dreams or that we aren’t capable of them.

This is absolute fiction. If we…

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08-25-15 – Monday – Training Week Off, Time to Heal

I have made the decision to take off one week of training. This decision is very difficult as my workout routine has become a part of my day like the morning sunrise. I noticed yesterday that the glands around my throat are getting swollen, which has always been an indication to me that I may be getting sick. I am flying out Thursday to see family in Denver, Colorado and it is important to me that I am not sick during this trip. I will try to get as much sleep as I can this week, drink plenty of water and allow myself the time to heal. It is also a good time for me to adjust my diet to more plant based, and take in as much nature into my body to strengthen my immune system. I will resume training next Monday after I return from Colorado.

As I went out to the garage this morning it seemed so so strange to just walk past the treadmill and bowflex knowing that I will not be using them for a week. They have become such a great part of my morning routine that it almost feel personal that I simply walk past them.

Holistically speaking, I am out of balance and need the time to find that balance and readjust. I will take time to relax and meditate to rediscover those things that have been lost and bring them back into existence in my life. It is a time to start drinking herbal tea again and eating the harvest of nature’s bounty. It is a time to read, discover, learn and enjoy. It is a time to heal.

4:30 AM – Blood Sugar – 120, Weight – 173.2
6:30 AM – Cottage Cheese, Blueberries, Strawberries
6:40 AM – Meds
8:30 AM – Banana
10:30 AM – Protein Shake
12:30 AM – Salad
3:30 PM – Protein Bar
6:30 PM – Chicken, Green Beans, Corn
6:40 PM – Meds

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08-24-14 – Sunday – Getting back the Spark

My desire to work out each day is diminishing and I don’t have the same enthusiasm that I did when I first started this mission. I am still a good year away from reaching my ultimate goal of building the desired muscle and reducing body fat enough to feel like I am in the best state of health I can be. I think I need some type of spark to get me back on track. I am going through the motions each day and giving all I can to each workout, but the excitement just isn’t there like it used to be. I am hoping that after I see the doctor next month I may be able to get that spark back again. In the mean time I will just keep on keeping on.

Back on the rack and hitting it hard this morning. Trying so hard to build the wings of an angel and create that V shaped upper body.

5:00 AM – Blood Sugar – 107, Weight- 174.0

5:40 AM – Bowflex – BACK
Rows – 155/155- 24, 28, 28
Pulldowns – 155/155- 28, 26, 24

10:00 AM – BLT
10:30 AM – Meds
2:00 PM – Cottage Cheese, Strawberries, Blueberries
6:00 PM – Fish, Corn on the Cobb
6:15 PM – Meds

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Annual Dahlia Festival – Swan Island Dahlia – Canby, Oregon

                                                          Annual Dahlia Festival.
Today we went to the Dahlia Festival here in Oregon. It was amazing seeing dahlia’s for as far as the eye can see. Of all of the things to forget before leaving the house, I forgot my camera. I took these shots with my cell phone.

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