Devil Eggs

eggs_by_theguywithcloudenvyOver the last year or so I have experienced incidents of extreme diarrhea where I would feel pain in my abdomen and have to run to the bathroom and feel as if I was emptying out everything in my intestines. I could never quite narrow down what was the cause for this until yesterday. After eating eggs for breakfast this happened to me once again and the only food I put in my body was eggs. After researching this online I found many articles that pointed my in the direction of having irritable bowel syndrome. Or simply a problem in my gut. This is a quote I borrowed from

“Egg intolerance is commonly confused with egg allergies because of similar symptoms that develop after consuming eggs. Egg intolerance is the result of a defect in your digestive system, not of an allergic reaction to eggs. During digestion, your small intestine produces certain enzymes used to break down the proteins in eggs. If you lack the appropriate enzymes to break down these proteins, you can develop nausea, vomiting, gas, bloating, diarrhea and cramping. Most egg intolerance does not affect any part of your body aside from your digestive system.”

I think that it may be time to make an appointment with my primary care physician to get this checked out.

My blood sugar is good and my weight is steady. I am selecting once again to not workout this morning, but will do a lot of walking during the course of the day including many trips up and down the stairs at work. I will return to my routine soon, but right now I am fascinated at the fact that just my busy daily activities alone are keeping me healthy and I am a little concerned about taking care of this problem I am having with eggs. I know how important gut bacteria is and want to spend some time learning more about keeping it healthy.

Blood Sugar- 97, Weight- 179.2

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Yes, Simple Living does have significant effects on your health. Stress is probably the number one reason why our bodies break down as it leads to so much destructive behaviors.

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MailAttachmentThe human body is an amazingly complex structure originating from one cell that underwent division. From this ongoing process, a life was created. In most cases, this process repeats itself perfectly trillions of times. Healthcare professionals understand about 5% of the processes the body is capable of achieving. Each individual only uses about 10% of the brain’s capabilities.

Truly understanding all the potential the human body and mind is capable of producing would require an infinite amount of time. I am in awe and inspired everyday as I learn new things about life, health and people and the skills needed to transform every day living into a meaningful purposeful life.

Over the years, I have learned that the complexities of life have caused a great deal of confusion interfering with one’s ability to make informed decisions. By travelling down the labyrinth of detail after detail, progress in both thought and action became impossible…

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And Yet Another Garden Update

This gallery contains 14 photos.

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The World Sucks, Take these Drugs

news inscription in studio tvAs I was working in the kitchen my wife was watching the news in the next room. Doom and gloom followed by commercials from pharmaceutical companies advertising the latest and greatest drugs on the market. I didn’t even realize I was saying it but there is was… “The world sucks, take these drugs”. I have stopped watching the news a long time ago and I finally put my reasons into words. Billy

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The Day of the Shredder

iStock_000012858648SmallSo I had a very productive Saturday yesterday. I was able to finish up the task of scanning all documents in my file cabinet that are important and shredding them along with shredding all documents that were no longer important. Based on the size of the pile compared to a 500 sheet ream of paper I estimate that I shredded well over 6000 documents. It took all day as the shredder would stop working when it got too hot and I would have to wait 15 minutes to start shredding again. This included all tax documents that were over 7 years old. All documents that I am taking went into file boxes broken down into file folders with each set of documents individually labelled. I now have 2 of four file drawers empty. The other two have tax documents that will go into a file boxes the same way and rest are things like awards and office supplies that will be packed. When all is done I will sell the file cabinet for the same price I purchased it of $20.00. It will be another item for our anticipated weekend long yard sale.

So the next item on my agenda is tools. I have a large tool box on wheels filled with tools in which I actually only use several. I have a smaller tool box in which I intend to move just those tools that I do use into while keeping all of the others in the larger one. I will give the larger tool box with all of the extra tools to my son Joey who is a fishing guide and frequently uses many tools and can use the tool box for tools that he already has. If he decides that he doesn’t want it it will be yet another item for the yard sale. This will be a win, win for me as it will be less stuff I will have to pack and move to Florida and in the grand scheme of things take up less space.

Moving is such an excellent way to practice minimalism as it really makes you think about what is truly important to you. Moving things costs both money and effort and the worst thing is when you arrive at your new place and go through everything you packed and ask the question… “Why did I bring this and where am I going to put it”?

So just two tasks this weekend and that is enough to feel that I am pushing forward in my efforts to make this move. And this is all it takes to pursue a life of minimalism. You don’t have to go crazy and become overly possessive of clearing out everything as quickly as possible. Just small efforts of just one area of our homes allows us to be truly mindful of the things that we fill them with. As you go through things those questions arise… “Where did this come from? Where and when did I purchase it? Why did I purchase it? Is it something I really needed at the time?” With these things in mind it creates a new pattern of thinking when we are making future purchases. “Is this item I am purchasing going to bring me as much joy 5 years from now as it is bringing me right now? And, does it serve a useful purpose in my life?”


My blood sugar is a little higher today and although I ate well all day I fasted in the morning. I am noticing a patter as when I eat a larger breakfast early in the morning I am getting lower glucose numbers the next morning. My legs are a little sore today, probably from bending over that shredder all day yesterday and I have decided to not push it today with working out on the treadmill.

Blood Sugar- 104, Weight- 179.2

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We’re depending on you


Jane, these are the words that America needs to hear.

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Head in HandsWhat the HELL is going on in the world? What is wrong with people? We could turn those phrases into a drinking game this week and we’d all be drunker than skunks if you took a shot every time those words were spoken.

It’s crazy right now, but the interesting thing is that even though we do have some common pains and worries, we don’t really have common solutions. Another mass shooting: one side calls for stricter gun laws, another for looser ones. Another instance of alleged police misconduct resulting in a civilian death: one side says police have a hard job and we should always respect that, while the other side says that the police are the enemy.

And the frustrating thing for me is that these issues seem to always divide along party lines. If you’re in one party, you must believe this, which will of course, be…

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Downsizing Once Again

It poses to be a rainy weekend here in the Portland Oregon region and I am actually pretty happy about that. With all of the plans to make this big move to Florida there is much that needs to start getting done. There are still so many items that Sharon and I have agreed on not taking with us and we need to start separating and getting rid of this stuff. We have downsized once before and we are doing it again.

I am still working on my file cabinet and converting paper documents into pdf documents and saving them on my computer and a thumb drive. I will place a little more emphasis on this project today and try to get it done. We will go through each room and each closet and make a fair assessment on every item to decide if it brings us great joy or serves a purpose in our lives. Sharon has a lot of collectible items like depression glass, baby plates and baby prints that were passed on to her by her mom. This items will be hard for her to let go of and I am staying out of her decision. Even though we are a couple we always have to keep in mind that we are still both individuals and we each have our own personal emotions about things.

After Christmas we were able to reduce our decorations to just 2 small boxes and will be taking this stuff with us as we anticipate celebrating the season in Florida, but maybe just not as grand. As our children have grown and we now have grandchildren we still want our new home to have the warmth of the holiday season as we anticipate people sharing Christmas with us as they escape the snow of the North East.

As for me, the hardest items I will getting rid of our my treadmill and bowflex. I purchased both these items from Craigslist as a very reasonable cost. I anticipate doing the same thing again after we arrive at our new home, but for now they are just too bulky and heavy to ship. I use these two things just about everyday and they are an important part of my workout routine, but I will find alternative ways of getting my workout in.

I remember the last time we did this and how removing stuff from our home brought me such great joy. It was like a small celebration that lived in my head and felt much pride in looking at the empty spaces where those items once lived. My hopes for the future is living in a place where they only items around us are items that we actually use and actually love. It takes a long time to reach this point, but it is so worth it. I really love the journey.

My blood sugar is in a very healthy range once again this morning and my body weight is staying steady. I started my day off yesterday with working my legs and abdominal muscles and drank a protein shake after the workout. About 3 hours later I ate a breakfast burrito and three hours after that lunch which consisted of Ribs and Salad. Dinner last night was a very small portion of lasagna. So I am not eating very low carb, but I am still getting great results.

Blood Sugar 85, Weight- 180.4

Treadmill- 30 Minutes

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10 tips for eating sustainably


I like the idea of Meat Free Monday. It makes sense on multiple levels. And yes, local, local, local! Farmers markets or the organic farm itself.

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Here are a few tips on how to reduce your impact on our planet 3-5 times a day just by stuffing your face with deliciousness.

1. Buy Organic. Organic food is higher in nutrients, free of neurotoxins, free of pesticides, hasn’t been gas ripened, supports biodiversity and generally just tastes better. If you can’t afford to do a full organic shop start with what you can afford and make sure to always wash non-organic food in a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar to remove the majority of the pesticides.

2. Buy Local. Reduce your food miles.Food miles refer to the number of miles between the farm your food came from and the place you bought it. For example if you bought a delicious mango from your local supermarket that has come from Mexico that’s roughly 5551 miles as the crow flies! Find your local farmers market and see…

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Back in the Groove with Low Blood Sugar

blood-sugar-chartI feel as though I am finally back to where I am supposed to be at with a glucose reading of 78 this morning. As I did extremely well with my diet yesterday and simply walked 30 minutes in the morning I believe that I have been able to bring it down with the avoidance of inflammation, and it may be that inflammation might of been the key to higher numbers. Body building will always bring about inflammation as too will eating grains and as I find it easy to avoid grains it is not so easy for me to avoid body building. As we grow older it is so important to maintain strong muscles and bones to reduce the onset of osteoporosis and I want to remain as strong as I can be for as long as I can be. With this in mind I will have to understand that my morning glucose may always be a little higher while I am bodybuilding but I truly believe that it does my body little harm.

I have decided to reduce my sets each bodybuilding day from 3 down to 2. I will slow down each exercise and do super concentration sets maintain muscle mass and also build just a little bit more. This may be the key to reducing the amount of inflammation that my body takes on and still be able to get a decent workout.

As I am making such a strong emphasis on my workout routines it is even more important that I keep my diet in balance with a ratio of at least 80% fresh vegetables, 10% lean meats and 10% healthy carbs. After each workout I will also provide my body with a protein shake as to feed those hungry muscles and thus reduce the effects of inflammation.

Blood Sugar- 78, Weight- 180.8

Bowflex- LEGS & ABS
Squats- 310 lbs- 15, 15
Calf Raises= 310 lbs- 21, 22
Situps- 30, 28

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Good Times and Bad Times

DSCN5043Life is just about what you make of it. We have good times and we have bad times and it always seems that it is the bad times we love to talk about, but over time it is always the good times we remember. As I was sitting and talking with Sharon last night which is something we do just about every night, we were talking about things in the past. We had quite a few rough patches that we had to get through as life through curve balls our way and as I tried to recall all of the details of those memories, I simply could not do it. I know that in each situation we had to step up to the plate and take on each problem head on and work through it and eventually get past it, but what strength it took is actually beyond me. All I know that because we did it before so many times I have the faith that if any problem should come our I do have the strength and know how to take care of it.

But it is the good times I can recall every moment of without hesitation. The sight of the wild horses walking on the beaches of Maryland. The smell of the ocean while sitting on the shores of Oregon, or the sand between my toes on the beach on Outer Banks of North Carolina. The soft breeze as it blew through the leaves as we sat at a riverbank high up at the end of a trail in Mt. Hood along with the force felt from the energy of a might waterfall at Niagara Falls. The way Sharon’s lips felt the first time we kissed after months of kidding around with each other and never knowing that we would someday be married. And so, so many more which would take me a lifetime to recall and write down.

With these thoughts in mind I can recognize these good times as I live them and know that it too will be a lasting loving memory with a flame that never dies. And also recognize that during hard times I have the strength to get through it and in the future I will probably forget most of it. Just simply live life and enjoy those moments so dear to our hearts and simply deal with whatever problems come your way. In the end it will be the good times that are most important to you.

I am finally back on the treadmill and it does feel wonderful. Blood sugar seems to be in check and body weight is balanced.

Blood Sugar- 93, Weight- 181.0

Treadmill – 30 Minutes

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